Dear Future Me


Dear Future Me,

Watch yourself!

Yeah, you better watch yourself ’cause it seems you have forgotten how far you’ve come. I’m writing this letter to you hoping you will read it and receive sense. I know you don’t like reading lengthy texts, well that’s why I made it lengthy. If you like, use a whole week to read through, just ensure that you get to the end because I have hidden a secret therein that will set you at ease in every aspect of your current life and will cause everything to work out for you.

Is it true that you have developed pride on your inside? You are beginning to think all you have and all you are is all you. Have you forgotten how much you prayed for all Continue reading

Letter To My Neighbour


Dear Neighbor,

Every day I hear your footsteps down the stairs, I shudder.
Everything in me starts to scream, “not today again”, I thought I had escaped.
The clomp clomp of your feet hitting the stairs leaves my soul in a state of utter panic.
Everything in me screams for me to get out of the room.
My spirit, soul, and body cry out for justice at this unfair inhumane treatment. Continue reading

Letter To My Unborn Children


unborn children

P.S I decided to publish two letters today because I couldn’t put up yesterday’s letter due to some network issues! Have fun reading! Cheers!

Hello Babies,

I am sure you are good. It is your mummy only that I do not know you and you are yet to know me. Sweet, I am planning on having all six of you and I hope it will come to pass. I cannot wait to hold you in my arm and her you call me Mom.

I can envision your smile. Hmmm….so sweet. I am also wondering who you would look like, me or your Dad. For the boys please look like your Dad and the girls, of course, Mom has the best look ever so please feel free to be a reflection of me. Now to your Dad, I do Continue reading

Letter To My Mum


Dear Mummy,

It’s been exactly 1 year, 5 months and 12 days since your passing and 1 year 1 month and 21 days since you were laid to rest. I can remember everything like it was yesterday, every detail of the ordeal fate dealt me.

I didn’t know what to make of the life, (still don’t know sometimes), I have to live without you, but I was sure you not being in the picture was gonna be the hardest…

I wept bitterly in the days that followed. I felt guilty. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be loved or happy if God could let you go then. Continue reading

Letter to My Future Self




Dear Future Self,

It has been a long time coming,

I see you have grown into the woman of your dreams – a loving, Godly woman who is passionate about people and living purposefully.

Like yesterday, I vividly remember the growing pains of your youth;

The struggles of insecurity, the need for perfection and acceptance, the loneliness, the secret sobs and quiet chants to God – I mean there were no friends who could possibly understand??? Continue reading

Letter to My Auburn-Skinned Beauty


Dear Auburn-Skinned Beauty,

I’ll do anything just to feel the climax of pleasure I felt that day I had a little taste of who you are.

I can still remember the first time I met you…

You were fast asleep on a ceramic bed with soft pillows plantained around your side; flawless.

Teasingly protected by your warm leafy sweater, you rested innocently, waiting for me. Continue reading



Dear broken heart,

 “There will be nightmares and every day when you wake up, it’ll be the first thing you think about. Until one day, it will be the second thing”

Sounds absurd but you will hear this quote in a few months and it will make all the sense.

I know you have just lost the love of your life and don’t know what to do with yourself.

All you see and feel now is this pain and those gut-wrenching memories

You can’t stop crying Continue reading