‘My Name is Love and I’m not stupid’

 Hello guys, sorry this is coming in rather late but I hope you will have fun as you read, comment and share this interesting series ‘My Name is Love and I’m not Stupid’. Take a read and thanks for sticking with Me!


 So many things have happened ever since they both met. They felt they were floating in the clouds and that what they both felt for each other was too extraordinary to be true.

Yes! They called it ‘love’.

She says it was love at first sight; he says it was destiny that brought them together, thus, they were meant to be. They fiddled with their phones replying chats they both sent each other. She giggles when she sees his reply, he smiles when he sees hers. They were certainly oblivious of the people and goings-on around them.

This was paradise.

Their friends and onlookers labeled it ‘ love divine ‘.

I only looked on and hoped they would both snap out of this foolishness, it was all a sham as far as I was concerned. I have seen these drama one too many times to know it for what it really was. Someone was going to get hurt and would finally start calling me all sorts of names just because they fail to uncover the identity of the mischievous fellow they are dinning with – ‘Lust’!

He touched her and she glowed. It was total bliss. Her skin tingled with excitement each time she remembered his touch. It almost made her swoon. She gave in totally each time he touched her; this was what she wanted. Life couldn’t be more perfect than it was. He was her fantasy come true. She revelled in his attention.

She was lost in lust.

I will probably not understand what he means by ‘…bound in cascading beauty…’. For all I cared, he was bound in Lust. They held hands as they lay still, breathing heavily after engaging in a marathon race of intertwined bodies.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He screamed a stream of curses at her; she called him a haughty good for nothing, bigoted fool. She felt the sting of the slap that landed on her face, leaving her beautiful fair cheek rufescent.

Shock and anger smeared her face. Was he an angel or the devil himself? She could not make up her mind which he was.

Ha! I smiled because I saw it coming. I knew this was bound to happen when they started with the whole lovey-dovey affair.

So he apologised; said he did not know what came over him, in fact he has never ever hit a Woman before ( I also know from experience that this is the one famous line people like him use to placate their partners in lust).

She looking at him on bended knees in front of her with tears streaming down his face and couldn’t help the tears that spilled from her eyes as she thought to herself how much she loved him. She wrapped her hands round his neck, cradling him like a baby and kissed him as she whispered her willingness to forgive him.

He promised never to raise his hands at her again. He confessed his love for her, how he will do anything for her just to make her happy; said he didn’t even mind catching a grenade for her and they both laughed and cried at the same time.


It was a while before he did hit her again! But today, he hit her in the presence of their friends because she celebrated a goal scored against his favourite English football club, Chelsea.

This time it wasn’t just shock for her alone but for their friends as well. How could a perfect day of watching soccer go from good to Bad!

It’s not funny so I’m not laughing this time. I just wish she would stop being foolish and see him for who and what he truly is and move on with her life.

What ever she thought they shared was a lie and ‘lust-pired’. Right now everybody is riddling me with questions of “how could this perfect union go wrong?”.

Oh! No; please don’t tell me she made up with him again barely forty-eight hours after that public humiliation. Gosh!

This one is a big lie. I am not responsible for this goings-on. She just has a veil over her eyes. This has nothing to do with me. I don’t break hearts. I don’t make people cry and don’t let people down. I am true and simple. I am kind and gentle. I compromise to make and accept peace. I don’t go all mushy-mushy because I am strong-willed, reasonable and responsible. I am understanding. I don’t go around hitting women to prove a point or because I am angry. I am not rude neither do I get easily angered. I keep no records of wrongs, I am the truth; Yes! The bitter truth. I will always trust, always protect, always hope and always persevere, but not in foolishness but in wisdom as it is the main thing needed to direct.

Hey! I’m talking to you.

Snap out of this madness before it’s too late, before it leaves a permanent scar in your life. Bury this unblissful bliss of yours. Make it your ‘yesterday’; a memory better left behind.

Learn to know me for who I am.

My Name is Love and I’m not Stupid.


20 thoughts on “‘My Name is Love and I’m not stupid’

  1. Luv is simply the most adorable asset to man kind which cannot be substituted for the most brilliant reasoning against why one should not freely luv for the satisfaction of the soul. To an extent I agree with you because one should not be stupid all in the name of luv or being in a relationship but I’ll state it here without missing words that luv should be sought after without fear of being hurt because no one is perfect to enjoy perfect relationship without tolerance & sacrifice. I luv luv so much. Thank u for this wonderful piece.


  2. Lol. Funny piece. Beats me how people are always in denial. Misunderstanding lust for love but the saying goes “variety is the spice of life” at the end of the day their story inspires others.


  3. @ Ayodele, I don’t think love @ first sight exists, I don’t believe in it anyways but hey, I stand to be corrected. Nice Job Caleb!!! I’m impressed!!! I just don’t understand why u will be tormented in a relationship and call it ‘Love’. Love definitely ain’t stupid!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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