Hello guys, sorry for my inability to post the continuation of the series ‘My Name is Love and I’m not Stupid'(FAMILY). I promise to do that next week. Here’s a featured piece by Nwokolu Obarianenu.
Take a Read!


Do you know why we keep following Jesus? It is because He knows where He is going. He knows how to get there.
He is the only way there, and we like where He is going.
Even more than that, His love draws us to Him.
We love Jesus so much, we’ll do anything He asks.
Why do we love Him? It is not because He threatens us with a big hammer, saying, “if you sin, I will kill you”. He doesn’t say that. He says,  if you sin, I am faithful and just to forgive you”. (see 1 John 1:9)
Isn’t it wonderful to follow someone like that? Every time you slip, He picks you and brushes you off. He doesn’t talk about your past at all.
We submit to Him because we love and He loves us.

About the Nwokolu Obarianenu
He is a practicing Lawyer. Loves reading and writing and most of all is very passionate about God!
He tweets @betterdays2kom


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