Let’s Play Pretend – A Love Story!



I did not need to ask google for helpful tips about what conversations I’d have with you on our first date (Remember I told you I met with so many boring and brutish men all in the name of dates). You were just so perfect. God had given you to me as my trophy-gift of a friend. You were the definition of classical epic. Simple and yet classy. How would a girl not fall for that? I did have my version and definition of perfection but you waltzed into my life and changed what philosophy of perfection I clung to: Tall, dark and handsome! I was left with a fine gentleman that had tall, beautiful and scary dreams in his lanky not so tall frame. Neither dark nor fair but toned enough to be tagged ‘oyibo’. Continue reading


Reality Check!



Knock! Knock! Anybody home?…Okay people, I can see the plenty cobweb. I am cleaning up already! I’m almost back! Sorry for the very long break and thank you for still checking up on me. Here’s a short story for you guys! Happy reading!


“Just say you love me. Look me in the eyes and tell me that we are it. We are the definition of love. We are what people out there crave for.” He said in his breezy-waspy voice, more like an urgent need to blot out or douse his unbelief. His eyes ever blue, glowing in its socket, literally begging me to co-pilot his fantasy of what he termed as ‘love’.

“Babe, God does not even know what I would do if I accept to commit ‘my whole’ into this relation-ship with you and you let me hang out dry. This is a fantasy we both ought to enjoy and let go when the time is right which I think is right now. committing to anything now will mean setting ourselves up for heart-break and it’s not healthy for us. We can still be friends; hold hands and  blow kisses but this… errmm…it will kill us.” I said holding his hands and avoiding his gaze as I unconsciously wished we could have it all anyways. His eyes would not leave my face as two tear drops sipped through them. It was killing me from my insides. It was like the cancer that killed my mum (I read a journal that said it’s like a weevil that eats a seed from the inside out). I really don’t know how to explain it but it was more or less me screaming loudly in my head but all I heard was silence on the outside. I knew we were jinxed right from the start.

“I love you”. He said. “I am ready to give up all just for you. I don’t care what people say or think. I …”. I put a finger on his lips to hush him. I had heard all of those before but it still doesn’t change the fact that he is married to a beautiful and talented woman with whom he shares two lovely kids with. “I don’t want to break up your family. I don’t want to be responsible for their pain and tears. Please try and understand…I love you but…” He kisses me suddenly and OMG! This has always been the dearth of me. How can I say no? He messes with my head each time he does this.

“Stop!” It took all of my resolve to push him away. I had to end this madness now.

“Babe, it’s over. Please go home to your family. They need you more than you need me. Let’s stop behaving like kids playing hid and seek. It is a stupid game we may all end up regretting.” I said as I looked him in the eye for the first time as I took two steps back. The tears flowed freely from our eyes as we had silently reached the much needed consensus ad-idem.

I turned around and walked towards my car, bidding my smoky dreams and his fantasy ship au revoir as it sailed off.

The walls had finally been broken and I was once again back to reality’s home page.