Rekah’s Dairy! I


Where do I start from? Gosh…..My head is crammed with so many things. I made a promise to myself and to my friend that I was going to document daily my experience at work. Now I think I regret that decision because with so many things going on in my head I do not know where to begin. I promised anyways, so I am going to keep my word.
Let me see what I can put together with the hope that it makes sense.
My name is Rebekah Imeh; I am a lawyer who got called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015. So, I’m done with my compulsory one year service and I am back to start my life. I applied to so many places and sites even during my period of NYSC but haven’t gotten any call or SMS for an interview. Did I mention that I am a Christian, a born again Christian. As a Christian, I decided to trust in God and let God have His perfect way. The stress of job searching was wearing me out so I Had to relax and take a breather.
God came through for me of which I am grateful for but not in the way I expected. My pastor gave me a call one Monday morning and said he would forward a number for me to call. He eventually did after so many hours had past and I gave the number a call. To save you the stress of reading my long and boring story I got a job as a Personal Assistant doubling as an attorney should there be any need.
My boss, a young, pretty, successful woman is a lawyer and owns a law firm somewhere in the southern part of Nigeria. She wants to develop a business idea or what she calls her passion and needed someone to assist her. I jumped at the opportunity not because I needed a job so bad but because I wanted to learn and understudy her idea as well as make money whilst studying. Her idea is fantastic but I wasn’t too happy at the offer but I decided to jump at it because I could learn the rudiments of my legal aspirations with her and through her. When she told me what I will be paid the already low morale dropped lower as it was a very meager sum. What opened my mouth to accept it is what I do not realize even up till now. Like I said I believe in God ordering people’s path and I know for a fact He ordered mine.
I started work the next day to God’s glory. I had earlier shared my testimony and people came to congratulate and tap anointing. Deep down I was smiling and saying if only you know much I am being paid. I got to work which by the way is her house. She runs a home office with one junior associate attached to her. I got here with mixed feelings. I should be happy but I am not. Do not get me wrong I am grateful to God. I knew God wanted to teach me some life lessons but I wasn’t too happy. I deserve much more than 30,000 Naira. I have so many responsibilities that are almost choking me yet I am earning so little.
To make matters worse, the Madam is demanding my services like she is paying me 200k. Truthfully, I cried oh. Cried so much during service that people thought I was in the Spirit. If only they knew how unhappy I am…. I promise to keep writing about my experience as the day goes by. Please pray for me that the joy of the Lord will come upon me once again. Seriously I was happier without a job than with this one. I’m I being too materialistic or selfish? God help me…….
To be continued.
Signing out

*About the Writer: She is young. A God lover whose aim is to always do right by God. She loves telling all that life and God has taught her to people to encourage them.

She can be reached at


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