Rekah’s Dairy!


*Please, abeg, biko your comments are welcome as you take a read today. It helps us know that someone out there can relate to what we have scribbled down…Lol*

Hello everyone,
Sure you all had an eventful day? Well, mine was for which I am grateful. I had two assignments to implement for my boss. She asked me to conduct a research for a seminar she intends to carry out in January which I did. I was to make a power point presentation of it. Two presentations!! Thought it was that simple but men! It wasn’t at all. It practically took up the whole day and if I had not quickly rounded up the second presentation, eight O’ clock for reach me there. I also had another work where I was to think about ideas that could get us out there more. I couldn’t do that one abeg because my brain was shutting down gradually because of hunger.
I had eaten noodles before going to work, I ate beans at work that my colleague brought to the office, I also ate noodles at midday but at about 12 pm, my belly was in a tumult. I was too hungry to concentrate on anything but I had to work. So with a rebellious stomach I created two power point presentations. Life is not easy o.
At least I am no longer complaining too much about my pay. I told God to pour joy beyond understanding into my soul and I know He did. So I am ready to go through all that He has in store for me. To learn and to develop all that is within me. I know my time here is limited so I am in a hurry to grasp it and be grateful to God.
My colleague is quite interesting. He is a very strong-willed person who can argue for Africa. He has defense for everything. While it is good to be able to defend your actions, you run into trouble most times because you refuse to listen and to take corrections.
“Mr. T do you know you will be in court tomorrow?” my boss will say.
“No Ma I am not in court this week.”
“Seriously? Check your dairy.”
“Oh ok Ma; it is because I know there is a week that I won’t be in court so I thought it is this week. Somewhere in my head I had told myself it was this week that is why I didn’t check the dairy.”
Mr. T so if I didn’t say it you would have messed things up?”
“No Ma…No Ma… I am not messing…”
“Mr. T, can you just listen?”
“Ok but…Ok Ma.”
That is the routine everyday at the office. My boss wanting to put Mr. T in his place, Mr. T trying to be right at all times. Don’t get me wrong, they are both nice people. Good Christians even. It is a three-man office and we are trying to give out the best we can to make things better.
My boss went for a funeral and instructed us to wait for her to get back before leaving for the day. We waited because we even had so much work to do. At about 7:00 pm she sent a mail instructing us to leave. [See!! she is not a bad person.] After walking halfway to save transport money, I finally got home tired and ravenous. I was given eba to eat by my roommate which I gladly pounced on. Thank God for friends.
The highlight of my day happened when one of my flat mate came in and gisted me about her boss. She said she believes God sent her to the school she teaches at for a reason. Her boss comes to her for prayers when she is feeling pressured. She said there is something about new businesses owned by believers. God sends His children to help them start-up so they can learn from there and also be an answer to the business owner’s prayers. I hope this makes sense to you as it did to me because it helped me to be more grateful for my job. She said after a while when our assignment is over, we will leave the business to take on the next God-given assignment. I went to bed feeling like King Kong. I am an answer to someone’s prayer. How cool is that.
To be continued.
Signing out,

About the Writer: She is young. A God lover whose aim is to always do right by God. She loves telling all that life and God has taught her to people to encourage them.

She can be reached at


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