Rekah’s Dairy! 3


Hello people,
So, my job is beginning to be interesting. My boss is a lover of principle and protocols and for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of one it could be disturbing. I sent in my report on the way to take the business name forward and she struck almost everything off. My colleague (the defensive guy) mocked me to pieces. I was not too happy and at the same time not angry. I would laugh too if I were to be in his shoes but not to the extent of scorning. We also had a brainstorming session based on what we submitted individually and he was told to cut is prose down to an outline. I mocked him too (not the devilish mocking oh. Just a little serves you right mock). He is my paddy so God understands that I have to do something that pains him too.
My boss gave us a speech on branding. Oh boy! You need to hear her talk. She re- invigorated my lost desires again. I had wanted to study for my masters almost immediately but my Dad went into financial crisis and we couldn’t afford it anymore. I was also told by a friend that Masters is a waste of time because you can’t be paid what you are worth in Nigeria so I shrank back. But this talk with her really inspired me. I have a new focus to learn all that there is to learn before I leave this office. Yes o! I plan on leaving soon. I mean even though I get a salary upgrade it won’t be more that 5k or 10k at most. 10k on top my salary is not even something to be proud of. Anyway leave salary matter for another day. I became alive once again. Immediately she left I hit the internet to find a scholarship for online masters. I finally got a partial scholarship of one million. Where I will get the money to pay I do not know but I trust God sha. Why online you may ask? I do not feel lead to leave the shores of this country just yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a Masters from a foreign university.
We had to walk halfway to save transport but before we left the office we said a short prayer. We do this every opening and closing time (just me and him). I was asked to pray and felt led to call forth money. Ok, I didn’t feel led I actually needed money. Some sort of miracle money. Didn’t know my colleague needed it too. His amen was like thunder. Chai! It is only God that can help us young lawyers in this country. It is a phase and by God’s help we’ll will get past it.
Dear readers, if you know any school that offers full online scholarship please let me know. I need it abeg. Life can no longer get in the way of my progress. Not anymore. I am re-branding and will keep you informed every step of the way. I have decided to make lemonade out of my lemons and you should do so too. Do not also forget that everywhere you find yourself is an avenue to learn, grow and develop just like what I am doing.
To be continued.

Signing out,

About the Writer: She is young. A God lover whose aim is to always do right by God. She loves telling all that life and God has taught her to people to encourage them.

She can be reached at


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