Rekah’s Dairy! 4


I came to the office today looking a bit messed up. I came to this city with only a box because that is all what my parents could allow me leave home with. They were not too happy for me to leave home to go start life some other place. They made me carry only a small box so they will be assured that I will come home soon, at most two weeks. I did bring the small box but one month and some weeks after my departure I am still in this city wearing to re-wearing if there is a word like that my few clothes. Today I searched and searched but I just couldn’t put something together to wear so I picked out one blue patterned shirt and a black gown. This gown is supposed to be an armless gown but I changed it to pinafore. When I looked at myself at the mirror I was afraid of the image I saw (LOL). It wasn’t so bad jare but I wasn’t feeling the ensemble though.

I got to the office and was alone because my colleague had one to the court. With nothing much to do I started putting together a piece on branding of a lawyer. It was my thoughts on all I have gathered so far in the course of the research. I wrote this about 12.15 pm when I was sent to the market to get something for my boss’s son. What she wanted wasn’t in the market. I walked the length and breadth of that market. Thank God I removed my heels to wear slippers ( my eyes for turn red with discomfort). The money she sent to my account didn’t reflect and so I had to wait. When the alert finally came the queue at almost all the ATMs were terrible. With tired feet, I stood for close to an hour before I could withdraw. While at the ATM I began to pray in tongues, I asked God to lead my footsteps to the right place. I told Him I was tired of walking around so He should come through for me. I had to keep walking around the market when I had withdrawn the money. You needed to have seen me clutching my bag as if my whole life is in it. Why wouldn’t I do so when somebody’s money is in it? I walked around for another half hour before I was able to get what I was sent. Before then from the money she gave me I had gulped down a bottle of Fanta. The Bible didn’t say man should not leave bread but by bread alone beside I needed to replenish the energy to continue my waka abi?
On my way back, I encountered serious traffic which has been regarded as normal in this city. I finally got to the office at about 8 o’clock but on my way there, I prayed and gave God thanks (muttering of course so I wouldn’t be taken for a mad person) that He counted me worthy to serve Him. I considered that as service rendered to God. After all, the Bible says “whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren you do so unto me”. I said a few words of personal prayers before I fell asleep on the bus. One of the things God re-emphasized to me right then was’ where ever you find yourself render all services diligently because it is only the diligent that will sit with kings’. Another day of learning has come and gone for which I give God the praise.
To be continued.

Signing out,

About the Writer: She is young. A God lover whose aim is to always do right by God. She loves telling all that life and God has taught her to people to encourage them.

She can be reached at


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