A Letter to the Children That Will Call Me Father


Dear children,

I am Tobi, your Father. You must be guessing why I would introduce myself to you since you’re already aware that this piece of writing was directed to you. Well, my re-introduction with my name, describing myself as your father isn’t a mistake, but it is a planned, deliberate and conscious effort. Just as the thought of bringing you to into this world was a planned, deliberate and conscious effort by I and my wife, who is your mother. You are not a joke, you are not a mistake, and you are a blessing from God, our Father. So don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

There is one important fact I need to share with you. This fact has been tested and proven by me and by those before me, and I will advise you to take this seriously. If need be, this fact is more important than anyone, including your parents, your family, and even your earthly life.

This fact is the truth and, this truth is Jesus. You might decide to miss out of everything in life, but do not miss Jesus. He is the only way, the truth, and the life.

From my experience, I will honestly say that there’s no point in being on earth, if one will eventually miss out of the relationship with the Father through Jesus, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have tried to imagine a life without Him, but I cannot think of one. Without Jesus, I cease TO BE.

The world will offer to you many reasons to deny the existence of Jesus and to prevent you from confessing Him as your Lord and Savior. They will present you with lust, with wealth, with anger, with hate, with politics, with diplomacy, with family and most times with Religion. Turn your heart away from these things, the world is confused, and they need someone to accompany them in their sorrowful state.

Ignore them, but be concerned, always renew your mind by the living word of God. Have it in your heart that one of your purpose in life is to win them into the life you now enjoy in Christ. I cannot tell you the ways or methods you will utilize, only God can.

Having talked to you about Jesus, there are some other things you need to be aware of. The first is TIME.

Time is a space, which starts in the beginnings and stops at the end. The universe, the world and you (everything) is existing within time. The love you desire, the pain that hurts, the riches that seems appealing, and all of it are within time. The good thing about it all is that the Jesus I told you about is not in time, He is out of time, He is the God of time, He is the master strategist, He is the Alpha, Omega, the whole reason of existence, and without Him, nothing CAN BE. From life to death, to Heaven, to earth, and the world under, and their inhabitants. Everything depends on Him. God is the SOURCE

Understanding this concept of time will help you overcome a lot of challenges in life. This knowledge will help you understand the reason why people think and act the way they do, it will help you learn how to love and how to forgive.

The most important relationship you should have is with God, your creator and nothing else can (or should) replace it.  After this, is your family, do not be nonchalant about your family. God is a master strategist, He has placed you in this family for a reason.

The thoughts God has towards you are of good and not of evil. But circumstances, according to His will (strategic planning) may cause the need to have new siblings who are not the biological children of your mother and me. In whatever way, accept each one as your own blood, just as I was accepted, love each and everyone like you came from the same womb. And if the situation is turned around, pray to the Father, that you’re accepted. Although, no matter the situation (whether you are accepted or not) God will always have your back.

Make sure you understand the place of brotherhood. It is not your aim in life to compete with any of your siblings, but to love and encourage them. One of the key things to excel in life is a team, and the first team you will ever have is your siblings. Hold your brothers and sisters tight, pray for them, share the word of God with them and encourage each one of them.

Permit me to make these things clear to you, and all of you.

“If you consider yourself rich, enjoying the good things of life. And the rest of your siblings lack the good things of life, then consider yourself poor. A bad mentor to your children and the society”

“If all of you consider yourself rich, enjoying the good things of life. But one of you lack the good things of life, then you should all consider yourself poor. A bad mentor your generation and the society”

“If all of you consider yourself rich, enjoying the good things of life. But you ignore your friends in need, then consider yourself poor. A bad mentor to your generation and the society”

I have talked to you about ‘time’, everything you think you own are all in time. They will come and go, just as you have come to this earth, so would you live. And you would take nothing with you, but only your spirit and soul. You live on this earth in order for your character to be moulded according to Gods will, SO;

There is no point in living if you will not give.
Whenever you have the chance to Love, Love
whenever you have the chance to Give, Give
whenever you have the chance to Forgive, Forgive
whenever you have the chance to Pray, Pray
whenever you have the chance to Laugh, Laugh

Do not delay, no human promised you tomorrow.

As much as I care about your wellbeing, I won’t be around on earth forever, the only thing I can leave you with is the word of God. Do not fight it, for it will break you. But obey the word, and it will make you into the perfect being.

In whatever you do, your aim should be to mind your business and be at peace with all men (even though some will never be at peace with you)

Iya Tobi, my lovely and peaceful mother would rather say “we will meet in Joy” than to say goodbye.

Always drink good and clean water.

We will meet in Joy.



Written by Tobi Etti: A Free Christian, Minimalist, and Misfit in the world.







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