A Letter to The Dreamers



Wake up!! Don’t you ever get tired of just dreaming in technicolour? I know most scenes, in reality, are not as colourful, but your Creative ACTions can liven up those scenes and make it more interesting.

I get it, Passion is your vehicle, Creativity is your fuel, but I’m afraid that Perfection – your unreliable driver, will take you nowhere. In fact, perfection is as useful as a driver in your self-driving car. Though it exists, it is not needed to move the car.

Note that life in your ideal world is perfect but stationary. Even though life in the real world is far from perfect, with time, it changes, and real life is anything but still.

I know you believe change is the enemy of perfection, but it is a good friend of progression. Please try and get comfortable with the fact that in the real world, perfection is a myth but progression is the updated realistic version. If you stay awake long enough, you will realise that evolution makes the perfectly flawed reality just as interesting as the scenes in your simulated world.

I sense that you rely on your imagination to thrive in your reality-proof world and you simply can’t live without it. Here’s the thing though, the beauty of your imagination lies in its practicality. You can use it to survive the drudgery of the real world, just include it in your reality starter kit and you’re good to go.

Another great thing about your imagination is the freedom it gives you from the status quo that is devoid of creativity. The real world could do with some freedom from the chains that stifle the creativity of real people. So, you can be your unique dreamy self and still live freely and confidently in the real world. Just be – present!

It may interest you to know that most people would rather be citizens of an ideal world. A world where we all get along and come together to eat roasted corn and coconut while singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

However, someone in the group needs to know how to get a good deal on the corn – Negotiation, deshell the coconut without sustaining injuries – Carpentry, and it’ll help if everyone can hold a tune – Singing Talent.

Negotiation, carpentry, singing and other key skills required to survive reality are not needed if you want to thrive in your imaginary land. You must consciously develop these skills as you will need them to function effectively in the real world. If you stay conscious long enough to perfect your skills, you may just be the next Coconut-Cracking Rockstar.

Sincerely yours,

A Reformed Dreamer.


*P.S Watch out for a follow-up letter to The Dreamers Tomorrow!


About me,

I am Amaka and I am everything but ordinary! Credit to my creator. I’m most comfortable when I express myself creatively via written words. I’m an advocate for a different way of thinking and a custodian of crazy ideas. I don’t know what sarcasm means but I know my taste buds are loyal to chips and ketchup – there must be ketchup.


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