A (follow-up) Letter to The Dreamers



You awake yet? I know it’s hard out here in the real world but be encouraged by the fact that you are not alone. I am real, I am present and I am with you because I understand you.

Stay away from procrastination, please. Your new love for progression will blossom without it. Dreamers tend to just do it – tomorrow and forget they can’t escape today. A few more minutes to engage in an intellectually stimulating conversation with your imaginary BFF are never only a few more minutes.

Months and years in real time, Imaginary Unlimited Moments to you, will pass by and you will still be stuck in your time-oblivious world. You really don’t want to wake up and find out you are dead. Now, I don’t know if waking up dead is possible but wouldn’t you rather be awake to find out?

Your dreams are as exciting as you are and your ideas are only as good as the reality it helps to create. So, dream more but act a lot more – in real time too. Pause daydreaming and start creating. The real world will be better off with new and exciting creations.

Yes! #YourDreamsMatter because deep down, I’m sure you want to be a superhero and make the world a better and more beautiful place. I have a feeling you dream of becoming Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates or Orpah. Well, I’m afraid it’s not possible – they are already taken. The good news is, you can certainly be greater than them and change the world for the people that matter to you in the real world.

If you keep dreaming without actually living, you will miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a real-life hero.

So, Stay Woke! And remember – #ImWithYou

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. You just need to wake up first!


Sincerely yours,

A Reformed Dreamer.


About me,

I am Amaka and I am everything but ordinary! Credit to my creator. I’m most comfortable when I express myself creatively via written words. I’m an advocate for a different way of thinking and a custodian of crazy ideas. I don’t know what sarcasm means but I know my taste buds are loyal to chips and ketchup – there must be ketchup.


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