Letter to My Auburn-Skinned Beauty


Dear Auburn-Skinned Beauty,

I’ll do anything just to feel the climax of pleasure I felt that day I had a little taste of who you are.

I can still remember the first time I met you…

You were fast asleep on a ceramic bed with soft pillows plantained around your side; flawless.

Teasingly protected by your warm leafy sweater, you rested innocently, waiting for me.

You were as still as the steel instruments which lay by your side, forcing me to pick the widely accepted interpretation of a civilized method instead of my intense urge to embrace your naked self with my bare hands.

The scent of your body distracted all my senses, and I knew I had to undress you in time to witness the mystery beneath your protection of a green sweater.

I was successful – and oh, you were beautiful.

Like a pyramid in the Egyptian dunes, you were glorious.

With your skin as smooth as gourmet cake, you were irresistible.

And your auburn glow… mmmm… you were perfect.


I can’t even begin describing it, but I know it must have been a somewhat spiritual experience.

But faster than the eyes of a blinking professional, our time together ended abruptly; leaving me confused and searching.

Where did you go?

Where did you go after I woke you up with those steel elements which invaded your space and scrutinized every bit of your essence?

Why did you disappear after I penetrated your body and reached into your delicate white heart?

Was I selfish to have lost myself to the ecstasy of my senses and the euphoria of my desires?

I’m trying to get to the yolk of the matter; am I a perpetrator for taking advantage of your innocence?

You just vanished into thin air leaving me lonely without an explanation or even your name!

Yes, you never told me your name…

But I was warned that you have this mesmerizing effect which arouses people to call your name twice at every reference.

Perhaps you are clearly too intriguing for your name to just be called once!

Anyway, I just want you to know that I have no regrets.

And I’ll do it all again every day just to feel the unexplainable high I felt that day.

Dear moi-moi,

From the top, bottom, and sideways of my heart –

I think I’m in love…


Written by Isoken: She is an undergraduate of the Pan-Atlantic University; currently studying for a degree in Media & Communication. She is a YNaija columnist and has also written a vast number of poems, public speeches, newspaper articles, and short stories. She won the 2013 National Essay Competition organised by the YSCC (Youth Support Counseling Consult) along with the opportunity to tour the U.K upon her victory. Oh, and she might also have an almost unhealthy obsession with moi-moi…it’s not so obvious.