Letter to My Future Self




Dear Future Self,

It has been a long time coming,

I see you have grown into the woman of your dreams – a loving, Godly woman who is passionate about people and living purposefully.

Like yesterday, I vividly remember the growing pains of your youth;

The struggles of insecurity, the need for perfection and acceptance, the loneliness, the secret sobs and quiet chants to God – I mean there were no friends who could possibly understand???

Speaking of friends, you tried too hard. Perhaps that’s why they never worked out because you were only trying to curb your need for acceptance. Someone once said, “Relationships are like fart, if you have to force it then it is probably shit“. Yes, that explains all the relationships that didn’t make the cut, because, like shit, you wouldn’t need them now anyway.

If I had the opportunity to speak to you as a young lady, I would have wanted you to know a few things about life and your person, perhaps all those mistakes could have been avoided. But I am glad that you made them, also glad for second chances; self-taught lessons are never forgotten. For the sake of the ones who are looking up to you, let’s reiterate a few things;

Tell the young ladies that everybody has an opinion, but not all of them are relevant. If you are ever in doubt of who you are, or what you should be doing, check your creator’s opinion – they are all in the Life’s manual. He made you, so he knows better how you should function.

Let them know that all the facade and niceties put up on the outside do not cover up the demon of low self-esteem. They will only make you suck up to things that are beneath you, and you are of more worth than all of those, even God thought you worthy to have his son. Now that’s priceless.

Growing up isn’t learned; if it were, I trust you would have read every piece written for it. But you see, life has got no laid down prototype or template that everyone must follow. It is why we are created differently, our differences makes for the fun. I’ll tell you to be two things; be salt – the world could have been tasteless without you. Be light – for you don’t know how much commotion you’re saving in such confused world. Adding to that, “Life does not respond to breakthroughs and miracles, it responds to principles. If you do the right things, your life will go right” -Adejumoke Adenowo

Don’t get me wrong when I spoke about relationships earlier. “Relationship is not always about who you will marry, it is about meaningful connections” –

Godman Akinlabi. You enjoy life because of the people know, so build good relational skills, maximize meaningful friendships, value the right connections. They will serve you both now and later.

On dreams and aspirations, If you can think anything good, dare to DO something about it. God put those ideas in your mind because he thought you are the best person to execute them. Also, he never promised a ‘well-thought’, ‘well-said’ or ‘well-dreamed’ response. He promised a “well-done” for his good and faithful servant.

Decisions; these make up your person. Those couple of yes’s and no’s you said yesterday brought you to where you are today. Better still here is what to think about – who you would rather become. Your decisions today should align with who you picture to be in future. Let your future self thank you later.

So dear future self, you will look back on these days and be proud because your journey to the future was never in vain. Life is God’s precious gift, so for your remaining years, live and live more abundantly.


With Love from your now self,


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About the Writer: Aniekan is an ardent worshipper, Unconventional thinker, writer, and human.

She loves Love, Poetry, good food and people.

Aniekan is currently aspiring to be a television talk show host. She is such a hearty person that her pieces express her overflowing love for God and things about life.


See more of her works on her blog  — theaniekan.wordpress.com

You can also connect with her on social media;

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook – theaniekan




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