Letter To My Mum


Dear Mummy,

It’s been exactly 1 year, 5 months and 12 days since your passing and 1 year 1 month and 21 days since you were laid to rest. I can remember everything like it was yesterday, every detail of the ordeal fate dealt me.

I didn’t know what to make of the life, (still don’t know sometimes), I have to live without you, but I was sure you not being in the picture was gonna be the hardest…

I wept bitterly in the days that followed. I felt guilty. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be loved or happy if God could let you go then.

Every reminder I had of you just made it all worse. Every letter that spelled out loneliness and pain hit me repeatedly till I became numb. I had always feared the inevitable but I didn’t think it would come soon and in the manner that it did. Oh well.

Most Days I feel weak and worn out and I really want to give up, didn’t think love would hurt like this. So I try to stay away you know?

Darling Mum, NneUre,Aku M, nothing prepared me for a life as this but in all, I am grateful to God, he has a way of ordering my steps and making feel alright.

Justy and Isaac are doing really well they are done from school, Can’t wait to have them over to celebrate victory; Daddy still neglects me, I guess I am done waiting for him to come around, still love him regardless, I am an island – abi (man-alone)  now. I literally get by on my own, can’t trust again, can’t fall in love again…

Abah has 2 children now, and no mom I haven’t found anyone yet so let it go. Anyways, you need to see them (I am sure you have),  they are the cutest, pity they won’t get to fill your warmth, I promise to be a cool Aunt tho.

I got a new job, I am sure u figured, I feel like you guys evade our privacy, a lot like you know everything. Anyways amazing people turned family, I have been much better since I’d been there, things are looking up to.

Mummy, I trust heaven feels and looks like all I imagined, if not better, can’t imagine how beautiful and robust you must be looking right now, sure you have toured everywhere and told them all about us(Na your way nah) tell them I said hi, special love to Grand ma and Grand Pa and my Darling Sochi.

I know this is the first, I promise to write more often, Mummy I love you so so so so much that it hurts, keep resting and keep shining.

SLEEP ON!!!!!!

Your Baby Girl



Writer: Anonymous


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