Letter To My Neighbour


Dear Neighbor,

Every day I hear your footsteps down the stairs, I shudder.
Everything in me starts to scream, “not today again”, I thought I had escaped.
The clomp clomp of your feet hitting the stairs leaves my soul in a state of utter panic.
Everything in me screams for me to get out of the room.
My spirit, soul, and body cry out for justice at this unfair inhumane treatment.
It wonders and ponders why a fellow neighbour will do this to his neighbour.
In the midst of all these questions running through my mind, I still hear the footsteps down the stairs and it reminds me that one of my worst nightmares is about to come true.
My mind and my body are powerless to stop you, then I hear you insert the key and slowly open the door like you come bearing a gift, which in your mind you think you do. The gift which you think I deserve but to me, all I see is the suffering that greets your arrival.
Then you sit like a king on your “throne” and let lose all your “shit”, this you do while breathing a sigh of relief at the freedom to let loose all that you have been holding in.
My mind starts to scream ” Oga this your shit dey smell oh” ah ah take am easy, you wan kill person
Neighbour sir, the smell that comes out of your “throne” is enough for my body to break out in a cold sweat.
I have just one question to ask you “Wetin in God’s name you dey chop? That you want to always make the whole house run away once you hit the toilet.”
Please neig-bour bour I am suffering, you will soon destroy my sense of smell and my life with the rate you’re going
Here he comes again
Oh Lord, help your child in this nightmare

Yours in suffering and complaints


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