Letter To My Unborn Children


unborn children

P.S I decided to publish two letters today because I couldn’t put up yesterday’s letter due to some network issues! Have fun reading! Cheers!

Hello Babies,

I am sure you are good. It is your mummy only that I do not know you and you are yet to know me. Sweet, I am planning on having all six of you and I hope it will come to pass. I cannot wait to hold you in my arm and her you call me Mom.

I can envision your smile. Hmmm….so sweet. I am also wondering who you would look like, me or your Dad. For the boys please look like your Dad and the girls, of course, Mom has the best look ever so please feel free to be a reflection of me. Now to your Dad, I do not know him yet. I may have seen him once or twice or may even have been talking to him as a friend. He may be half way across the world or several states away. I keep wondering who he is and what he will look like. I know however that he will love you in such a way that you will have no need to lack a Father’s love. How do I know that? I know that because I owe it to you to give you the best Father on earth. I owe it to you to make sure you enjoy a Father’s love and care for the rest of his life on earth. I owe it to you dearest to marry a keeper, protector, provider and most especially a Jesus boy. I owe it to my Parents to give them a priceless Son-in -law. I owe it to my siblings to make their additional brother worth all the love I know they would shower on him. I owe it to God to marry His son, one of His favorites. A man that exudes His image. He will be so soaked up in Christ that everything that makes up a man in today’s will be far away from him. Notice that I didn’t include anything about myself here because I as a person can endure anything but I cannot see the ones I love suffer and so for your sakes I will wait and be patient until a Daddy’s material worthy of my little angels surface.

I have got so much to do to prepare myself to be the best Mom to you dearest. I am ready to go through any fire, test, and trial that God will have me go through just so you can have a Mother that you deserve. I am being hard pressed with joy knowing that I am just a caretaker to you. God is your maker and owner. I am sure you know Him because you are already in Heaven with Him.

Baby, Mom has got to go now but I cannot stop without saying a prayer. Please note that I started praying for you since I was 18; so, when you realize that you are unique from your peers just remember that someone committed you into God’s hands several years before you were born. Right now, I want to continue the prayers:

Lord thank you for my angels. Thank you for the privilege of being their Mother. Thank you that I have been honored to bear these generational giants. I adore you for this rare gift. I commit them into your hands, Lord, wherever they nay find themselves Lord please take care of them. I may not be able to be with them all the time but Lord order their steps. Let your angels encamp and surround them and let them continually enjoy favour all round.

I decree that you are a genius in your time, that whatever God has set out for you, you will become. You will never know failure in life, You will always long and search for God even at a tender age.  Every price you need to pay to get to the top by the empowerment of God your Mom has paid it so I can boldly say you will never know a better yesterday. Your path will keep shining. The Lord will uphold and strengthen you to do His will and calling for your life. You will love God with the whole of your soul mind and body and you will seek to continually please Him all the days of your life. You will know God at a tender age and when your mates are struggling o find Go you will be rooted in Him. Your purpose will be clear to you and you will not be among those that are carried away by every wind of doctrine. When your peers are struggling to find purpose, you will be walking in it already and you will never be put to shame. You will never be stranded because the Lord will raise up helpers for you.  I do not pray for the mundane things of this world because that is a given but I pray that God will bless you with all spiritual blessings in high places. I pray that most importantly when your time on earth either by death or rapture you will not be searched for in Jesus name

I will keep writing you till we meet.


All the love that I can muster,



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About the Writer: Nene Rebekah Udoh is young. A God lover whose aim is to always do right by God. She loves telling all that life and God has taught her to people to encourage them.

She can be reached at rekah913@yahoo.com


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