Dear Future Me


Dear Future Me,

Watch yourself!

Yeah, you better watch yourself ’cause it seems you have forgotten how far you’ve come. I’m writing this letter to you hoping you will read it and receive sense. I know you don’t like reading lengthy texts, well that’s why I made it lengthy. If you like, use a whole week to read through, just ensure that you get to the end because I have hidden a secret therein that will set you at ease in every aspect of your current life and will cause everything to work out for you.

Is it true that you have developed pride on your inside? You are beginning to think all you have and all you are is all you. Have you forgotten how much you prayed for all these? How you asked God daily for greener pastures. How you asked for clear direction and the productivity of your hands? You are not a self-made man, no man is. So get that thought out of your head. God did it for you with the hands of men and women he planted around you. So value everyone and everything around you ’cause they brought you to this point directly or indirectly.

I also heard you are beginning to misbehave in your marriage. You have grown wings abi? You’ve forgotten how badly you begged like a helpless boy for the kind of lady that now stands by your side. She is the woman of your dreams…..well, only God knows what dreams you are currently harbouring in that head of yours. She crowns you, she upholds you, she upgrades you. You were a wonderful single man, complete and whole on your own but when she stepped into your life, she took it to a whole new level. She is your pride, your evidence of God’s blessing, she is the favour you have found from the Lord, she is not just your Queen, she is your best friend. Turn you back on her and you lose your crown, you lose your throne and you lose your title. People say “happy wife happy life”, bro, it’s scriptural oh. It’s not just another cliche, it’s a valid statement found in the new testament. So for your own good, humble yourself and secure your marriage. Remember how messed up your parents’ marriage was? Remember the horror you went through as a child. Folks nowadays use the words domestic violence for a slap and a shove….I laugh. You witnessed it first hand, unadulterated, HD, 3D violence. Guess what, it started with a harmless disregard, a simple disdain and slowly but surely, contempt grew. You will be the biggest fool to replicate that madness in your home. Watch yourself!

You see those little humans running around in your home, they aren’t just organisms you planted in your wife who shot them out 9 months later. They aren’t your errand boys and house girls, they aren’t just the evidence of your manhood and strength, they aren’t punching bags and kicking poles, they weren’t given to you so you could feed them and cloth them and then demand gratitude and fear from them afterwards. They aren’t even yours! They are your responsibility but they aren’t yours; they are God’s. Guide them in the ways of God, let them find God for themselves without you shoving Him down their throats. Don’t just tell them what to do, show them with your lifestyle….that’s another issue oh. Hope you’ve got your life in order. You cannot afford to transfer your mess into their lives. You know what happened to the bloodline of Abraham down to Solomon and even further down. For each generation that failed to deal with their mess, the next suffered a greater mess. Don’t try to suppress your inadequacies, uproot them and get rid of them else they will grow stronger in your kids and even stronger in your grandkids. Remember the addictions you so dreaded, never let your kids fall prey to them. Pray for them daily, speak greatness into their life’s daily, never curse or abuse any of them but ensure that you lay your hands on them daily and release a father’s blessing on them. Give them space to find themselves. It will be hard but you may have to let them make their mistakes else they will blame you for any mistake they make following your mapped out plan of their lives. Don’t just teach them, train them; just as the coaches follow the main engine they are connected to on the rails, train your kids because children learn from your life more than they learn from your words. You yourself know how much crap you had to unlearn as a young man.

In case you plan to run to the end of this letter in search of the secret I talked about in the beginning, I’ll put the secret here… think we not as sharp as you abi?.

**God loves you. It’s not a cliche too. He loves you seriously, far more than you love your wife and kids. He loves you to a fault…that’s if he can have a fault. When you understand this truth life will turn up for you. You will slowly begin to see that everything is actually working for your good. Angels are working overtime just to satisfy you and God is ever listening to your heart. Don’t bother yourself trying to please him or trying to punish yourself for not meeting his standard. There’s nothing you can do to make him love you less. He loves you as much as he loves Jesus. In the same way, you are just as righteous as Jesus, yes, he is not more righteous than you. So when God looks at you, he doesn’t see your mistakes, he sees the righteousness of his son Jesus.

I am telling you this so you won’t be broken by the trials life throws at you but be confident in the love of God. Focus on his love, leave your love for him out of the equation. Your love for him will never suffice but his love for you is more than enough.**


As regards your career, remain focused. I’ve always known you were a maestro. Right from time, you have proven it to me and many others that you are good at what you do (we both know what that is, I’m just trying to keep other readers from knowing). Please ensure that you stay focused. If there’s anything you have thrived diligently at, it’s this one thing. You have visited every aspect of your life and giftings but while others waned this one blossomed in you. My dear future me, stay focused. The organisation you run is your seed and its existence is as prophecies by God himself in Gen22:17. So let no man despise your seed. Hold on to your source and sustenance and You will shine brighter than you do now. The world has been waiting for you, but they have no idea what Is about to hit them. The glory you carry is far beyond that which brightened Moses’ face in the wilderness. Your surname is McDon and your children will bear it with pride because truly, their father is a Don. And when they follow your footsteps, they will raise children who will also carry the name with pride ’cause their fathers and their fathers’ father is a Don.

I love you……I know you think its gay for me to tell you this but I’ll say it again, I love you.

Stay strong dear future me, stay strong.


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