Letter to the Future Love Of My Life


23, Joyce Ofune Street,
Chevy view Estate,
Lekki, Ajah.

Hey babe,
How are you doing my love? I trust you’re not having such a swell time without me in your life, that’s your cue to find me already man!. Well, I ain’t doing so great either (we’ll get back to the reasons in a bit). How’s my future mama in-law and papa in-law doing? And your siblings, your entire family? I trust y’all are alright.
Remember I said I was gon tell you why I’m not doing so great either? that’s because I feel sometimes, that I’m skipping on some of the important aspects of a growing teen. Why? Call me vain, but I want to get all mushy mushy with you and have it all up on my snap chat and my Instagram, I want to be able to blog about you sometimes. I basically just want to show off what we should be having. Because if you come when I’m over and done with this craving of mine, it’ll just be one of the things on my bucket list that remains just that- an item on a list.
Also, you really don’t want to come for me after i’ve gone through series of heartbreaks now do you? That would just be too much yo!
I wouldn’t be telling you about myself on here, we wouldn’t want you rushing something God already has a set time for now would we? .
You should know that I wonder most times what really is taking you so long to get to me. Are you actually having a swell time? (oh my! You traitor ) or do you somehow know I do not have a J-lo kinda body but more of a 12 year old boy? Or while we’ve been destined to be soul mates you’re tired of searching for me and you’ve decided to go to the convent, permanently, oh no baby, what is you doing???

Above all odds, I’d stay strong for us, and wait patiently for you my love, till then just know i love you already and i’d keep waiting if i find out you are my soul mate fr, that i haven’t found you and then lost you. Babe i’m sure you have a grand proposal ready ‘already’, i’m equally sure that you know you should have quite a good number of people there to ‘oooh and awww’ for me, and you know to have it all recorded. Before all of that please use style to temme to run and goan do manicure. Take good care of yourself for me, remember we still have forever and a day to spend with each other.

Your soul mate,


About the Writer: 

Mercy is the author of www.theonlymercy.blogspot.com – A platform where she puts out her world view. Passionate about travels, writing and eating…lol.
She also doubles as a partner of an ushering outfit and is currently a 300L student of the University of Ilorin.




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