Letter to the past: (Date: 3rd May 1661)


Recipient: Isaac Newton

Dear Isaac,

Good day, you do not know me but I do from reading about you and learning your complicated theories in school. I am writing to you from the future, precisely the year 2017. You do not know this yet but you would be a key figure in the scientific revolution. You would postulate a lot of theories that we had to learn which would also be the basis of great scientific and engineering feats. About 200 years from the date you get this letter another Genius will begin to question the sufficiency of Newtonian mechanics his name is Albert Einstein. I also intend to write a similar letter to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who would develop integral and differential calculus independently that would make major contributions to physics and technology. At least Gottfried had the conscience to also work on mechanical calculators to help average minds like mine deal with the calculus you came up with.

I am writing you to let you know the effects of your work. Most experiments are tested over time to know the results of the experiment but your models, theories and laws are not perfect because I am sure you had no idea what would become of it 350 years after you come up with the theories. There will be cars; which are vehicles powered by gasoline, airplanes; similar to cars but fly in the sky like birds these feats will be based on your laws of motion too and some thermodynamics. The list of innovations based on your work is inexhaustible. You indeed are a bedrock to so many innovations.

Also what you do not know is these cars and planes will take a lot of lives, there will be nuclear weapons which wouldn’t have come about if you had just minded your business by being a normal average student. Global warming that word is probably foreign to you but in simple terms, it is just our earth and environment-depleting because of the many technological activities based on your theories. For example, right now polar bears are gradually going into extinction. There is also the internet which comes with its own pros and cons although that technology might be more Albert Einstein than you, but then again He only started from where you stopped. On a basic note too, you made the lives of average science students miserable. We had to learn and understand your laws and calculus, so many students have killed themselves out of depression over the fact that they do not do well at applying your laws others were just tagged as failures.

Of course, there are many beautiful things you did, like the reflective telescope, the theory of colours is also amazing how white light disperses into colours is fascinating. I am sure the facts you got on the speed of sound is greatly appreciated. I just want you to know that things got bad based on your laws, people die because of these technologies, class and power is defined by the level of technology one has. The list is long. I feel that you did not take into consideration human factor in your theories and I really want you to think about all these and ask yourself if you really want to make all your discoveries and theories known. If all these makes you sleep at night then surely go ahead.  I know this letter might seem very abstract with words that you probably have not seen before but I am sure you will figure it out. After all, you are a genius. Have a good life and please try to get married it is really an experience you should be a part of.


Yours Faithfully,

Tinu-Ololade Folayan (Year 2017)


About the Writer: Tinu-Ololade Folayan, strong and independent young girl (I like to think I am) trying to do right by God in all things. I have a very busy mind. Love my family…


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