Letter To 2010 IBK


June 22, 2017


I am so excited to be able to do this. I sincerely hope you get this and read and let’s hope I can make right a few things.

I know you’re ill with that weird malaria today, here’s a secret, you get better once you cut your hair. Weird, right? I know I thought so too. You’ll be well in time to do your yearly ritual of jumping from tent to tent gathering convocation rice…. I know you’re thinking right now that it’s going to take a miracle, well it did!

Exams have just finished and You’ll be panicking silly what the results will be, well, I’ll save you the stress you failed BFN221, and your GPA wasn’t all that 3.2 I think. The cool part is you get a chance to do all your carry overs in the summer and not like you will ace that either but at least you will pass all three BFN Carryovers, just so you don’t feel like all I’m doing is sharing bad news. Ha-ha! This summer is instrumental to how your life turns out I advise you to keep your head down and put in all that it takes and everything will be alright.

You will be faced with a lot of curveballs, hard decisions, scary moments, confusing things, hell; Your beautiful girlfriend will break your heart next summer, she would be the first but not the last, but I urge you to look forward and not backwards.

Here’s some good news as an IBK who has gone ahead of you to see what the future holds; you do get better in school, Another miracle? Well, it happened. You became an excellent student and even made some friends in High places – Guess Who? The Dean of Students? You’re such a naïve child, why not the chancellor? I guess that’s one secret I will leave you to find out.

Back to more serious things………. Next term will be your toughest term ever but it will be a turning point if you do as I say, GO TO CLASS (As hard as I know this will be I trust you will be able to do it), STUDY HARD, DRAW CLOSER TO GOD, ANSWER QUESTIONS IN EVERY CLASS, PULL ALL NIGHTERS CLOSER TO EXAMS, MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE FIRST CLASS STUDENTS, BECOME CLASS REP (Whatever it takes – Not that I’m asking you to plan a Coup or anything but if you have to), QUIT BASKETBALL, yes I said it was your hardest semester yet!

All in all, in all of this find yourself, don’t be afraid to live a little, the things you fear you might fail at are the ones you eventually succeeded at. You eventually became one of the cool kids, you will make the best friends ever, you will fall in love, you will become famous hell you are famous right now……scale it down a little you have just 2000 followers on Instagram, whatever that is right? Yeah well, you’ll know soon. HI5 stopped being cool and you have 5000 friends on Facebook; Yeah for real G!

By the time you are graduating you had imparted a good number of students, I know you’re also wondering how possible that is, well You overcame your stage fright and became an astounding speaker…. I Said it na! You become famous.

You will also graduate with a 2:1 another miracle G! Just work harder every Semester. One of the coming Semesters you will face a great challenge, your classmates will turn their backs on you and rumours will go around that you are a snitch don’t be distracted, just focus work hard and your detractors will be your promoters at the end of the day.

One advice I would give you is this, as much as you live your life, do not compromise your values, always remember the son of whom you are, and during NYSC when you are faced with the choice to or not to hit that blunt…. Please Do not hit that blunt, it will not be the last. You will go from there to becoming a recognized junkie, it will affect your relationships, your work etc. Trust me.

PS: You eventually go to your dream University and get your Dream Job which turned out not to be all that but yeah that happened.

Whatever it takes, be wise and think twice before making any decisions. Trust God and Trust your parents they always know best.

Yours Truly,

IBK – 2017

About the Writers: IBK is an HR Professional by day and a Super Hero by night, dedicating his life to fighting crimes and the forces of evil or so he likes to think. He writes in his spare time at askibk.com.


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