A Letter To My Blossoming Hair


Dear Blossoming hair,

You’ve only grown an inch since the last time I checked in the mirror.

Was this only minutes ago? Or was it last week?

I can’t remember.

I only know that watching you grow has my eyes bulging from their sockets like owls watching night birth the dawn.

I run my hands through you with the impatience of a toddler.

Why won’t you grow any faster?

If only I could wish your silky permed ends away and shake the natural mane loose like those ‘naturalistas’ I see on the ‘gram.

Use this hair product, they say. It will work wonders for your transitioning hair.

101 styles to keep you looking fashionable as you transition.

Another blogger. Another post.

Not one of them can teach me how to wrestle you to submission.

I have not quite grown into you. I am three parts city slick and one part jungle queen.

So you sometimes resemble the mane of a lioness and sometimes you lie flat like a house pet.

They tried to warn me of the knots and tangles.

I can handle you I thought.

It’s just a little hair.

But then you met with water and nothing I did could break that cohesive bond.

I watched as chunks of you fell into the sink, a product of my detangling battle.

Just cut it all off, a small voice in my head whispered.

And walk around with a shaved head?

No, no, no, my heart murmured in frantic little beats.

There was too much of you and I had trouble letting go.

I was, am still fascinated by your textures. Textures because there were so different.

You curled in some places and waved in some.

I am in awe of the way you spring back after a stretch.

The way you curl after each wash, wanting to be teased out of hiding by the gentle touch of my wide-tooth comb.

You are volume and mass and everything that matters.

And even though India Arie said “I am not my hair”, I am you and you are me.
Still, why won’t you grow any faster?


From yours truly,

A soon-to-be Naturalista


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About the Writer: Cynthia is a trained Biochemist, career accountant, and born artist. She is fascinated by things that move fluidly (including but not limited to air, water, and dancers). She is adventurous, especially with food. Few things excite her more than a blank new page or a new book.

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