Dear You


Dear You,

It’s in the moment of weakness
When my eyes can’t see the truth
That you hold my hand
To lead the blind
And then my mind
Like a child abused
Becomes totally consumed
by you.

The moment I take my eyes off
I have dreams of love
Desire more than I should
To hear my heart beat
Louder than my brain speaks
In that moment i lose myself
In the sight of no one else
But you.

The moment I forget to pray
And stumble into another day
Is when u feel the need
To come plant that seed
That springs up
As thoughts
Of what ifs
Of possibilities of a ‘me
and you’.

The moment i fall
Is when you remember to call
To feed me
With the sweet poison
Of attention
And company
The sweet nothings
That are
Empty but filling
Turn my head spinning
Head over heels
For you.

The moment I throw in my sword
My military duties, I ignore and neglect
Thoughts and mind consumed by the world
Ensnared by the sin that so easily besets
I embrace your lips
Cuz I am too weak to refuse
The lust, the rush from the fingertips
Of you.

And that’s
the moment I realize
that you are the devil in disguise
Not by intention
But just because
The result of your visit
Is always a downgrade of my spirit
Let me run away
From your beautiful face
Flee the appearance that you are
Quiet my heart
Remove her songs from repeat
Till i’m left empty
And deadbeat
Without you

About the Writer: Dami is a research analyst if you put her in the dark her skin will provide light ( typical of a secret member of the light gang). She believes she was conceived while RnB/ pop-funk music played in the background ( how else can you explain her love for music). She imagines a world where everyone has the resources to live a comfortable life. And works by night to achieve this goal.

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