Dear Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

It’s my first time of writing you one of these letters, Kleb put me up to it.

Pardon me for striking out the word “future” as a prefix in your title, that was on purpose, as I believe the future is now.

How are you? Did you see the news lately? My entire side of the state was flooded badly and even though my head was under water, I am doing just fine. I appreciate your prayers, as I know you are out there praying for me as always so I say “thank you”.

To be honest, each day I spend on social media gives me a glimpse of the struggles you are going through as a single man, living in a metropolitan world. I know and absolutely understand how not easy it is, I can assure you I get your pain.

For me, holding out and waiting in absolute obedience and celibacy has never been my strong suit (especially when Bellanaija, Telemundo all ‘em self-acclaimed relationship coach & experts have made it a duty to dangle their idea of love in my face each passing day) but finding God and growing intimately with him, has taught me that it was never supposed to be by my power nor my strength but by his spirit, as i learn to die to self, I find courage to walk away from false companionship,  you know those  “it’s sort of or it’s kinda” type of situaitionship? and this has helped me to press on to the mark of my calling where I have found  grace to understand the beauty in waiting, And in waiting I have learnt so much.

In waiting I have been taught by my father that every man wants to be and deserves to be king and priest in his home, do know that I am willing to submit to your authority and walk the “destiny walk” with you.

In waiting I have come to understand that it won’t be all Christmas and rosy, because even Christmas doesn’t come every day, but I am willing to push through the season that isn’t Christmas. I am willing to share the tears, the laughter, the hurt, the joy, disappointments and the achievements.

In waiting I have learnt to be vulnerable, gifted with the ability to share openly and unashamedly with you, I have learnt to forgive and not just forgive but to forget so as not keep past hurt as evidence and dig up to uphold justification to tear down your heart just to win an argument.  I am learning to love as my father loves, to have the rational ability to criticize constructively and not judge you.

In waiting I have learnt to build a fortress of bliss even in the face of the storm, so be rest assured our home is an haven of peace, but most importantly I have learnt to trust God more than I can ever trust you.

I know you have the good love that’s meant for me, because the scriptures says “ all good and perfect gifts comes from the father, and I am confident you are my good and perfect gift, an answer my prayers spoken and unspoken.

I have made mistakes just so you know, i am imperfect, beautifully flawed, broken, amazingly written tragedy but redeemed by love, so pardon me when I say I don’t have a fairy-tale to offer, but in my imperfection, in my flaws, I won’t tap out, I won’t give up, I am dedicated to doing you good all the days of you life (proverbs 31).

I am committed as your helper, to speak to the giant in you till it manifest physically, and to follow your lead, submit to your authority, to uphold Godly standards and join hands with you to teach our children Godly ways.

I am looking forward to so much more than an ordinary life; I am looking forward to thriving with you.

And even though I don’t know where you are, geographically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially I can only pray that God is your priority, I pray God strengthens you and keep your feet solid on the rock Jesus.

And please never forget this one thing…………… I LOVE YOU.


About the Writer: Adebola Dian, is a beautifully flawed, work in progress, this is her first time writing anything publicly, so please be nice.


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