Letter to Lily


Dear Lily,

My beautiful flower…

I am so excited to be writing to you.

Oh, how I have thought about the moment I will get to hold your tiny feet and behold your innocent green eyes (the green eyes yeah, that’s from your mother).

I remember the day we found out we would be having you: it was on a Sunday evening and I had just gotten back from a European worship tour with Travis, Taya, and the entire Hillsong United team – yeah, we go way back…

Immediately your mom revealed the overwhelming news; “I Am Pregnant”, waves flashed through my brain and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…

Would I be a good father?

Would I have the patience and strength to endure your crying?

And yeah, how fat would your mother be?

However, seeing you come into the world was one of the happiest moments of my life despite the fact that I couldn’t stand seeing your mother in pain and I inevitably became her tool for expressing that pain (my hand still hurts from that day).

I had to wait outside, but as I saw you through the glass, all of my doubts and fears vanished. I didn’t care if I was capable or if I had the time or patience. None of that mattered anymore; all that mattered was that I would love you more than anything in the world.

I will read you bed time stories at night before you go to sleep,

I will teach you to ride your first bike,

I will teach you to play the piano,

I will be your confidant; your best friend,

And I will also be your boyfriend – at least till you find the right godly man that will love you and treat you like I would your mother.

I know you will be strong-willed, intelligent, and super fine like your mother. I’m also sure that we most likely won’t see eye to eye on every issue. But oh, how you will love the Lord and serve Him diligently with all of your heart.

Did I mention how well you sing?

Now THAT you got from me, hahaha! – I am so sure of this because your mom can’t sing to save her life. Her voice texture is a mixture of a choking crocodile and a constipated ostrich, (that’s a shade…you’ll learn).

Nevertheless, I admire the fact that she tries. I love her even more and I can’t imagine my life without her.

I must admit the journey of fatherhood has not been easy, especially with the courageous changing of diapers and that vicious teething phase. But despite all the sweat and stress, I would gladly do it again and again…

I hope to write to you again; maybe before you turn thirteen and we have to start talking about boys and stuff.

Till then,

Stay cute, stay innocent, and stay mine.

Love always from the best dad in the world.



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About the Writer: Folabi Nuel is a recording artist and worship leader. He has a divine mandate to bring people to a consciousness of who God is and how much He loves us.




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