Letter to my future husband

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Hey love,

Please use this time to find God because, even if it took me this long, I have finally realised that until you find God, you can’t find me in the right way.
Right way being the right methods, methods that will help me know it’s you.
You will need to do more than finding God for us to work. Loving him or at least trying to is also a necessity.
After that, please find yourself.
Learn hurt, learn how to heal, learn who you are.

Then come find me and be confident about it. I like a good mix of sensitivity and strength. Please show me you’re sure it’s me you want, my heart is too weak for any more heartbreaks.
Take time to know me and learn how to love me. I love daisies and spaghetti, I’m overly excited half the time and I have a huge heart. All these you’ll get to know when you meet me.I know it looks like I’m just giving you a list of things you should do but the woman I am becoming will not accept anything less. You can come along soon or wait till later but one thing is sure, we will be together forever.


About the Writer: Marie Oke is a 17-year-old student of Pan-Atlantic University. She loves cooking and eating, writing and listening to music.


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