Hey Segun, Tobi, Shina, and Tiwa; I don’t know if you guys have noticed that the first letter of our names either starts with ‘S’ or ‘T’? Quite a coincidence right? The eerie part is when you guys realize that right after S comes T in the English alphabet.

Meeting you guys wasn’t a coincidence, we blended well like tomatoes and pepper (You all know who the pepper are right?). You guys are the best people that have joined my life in the past ten years. Well, except my girlfriend because she isn’t a people (Winks).

I grew up thinking I was a lone ranger until I met you guys and discovered that even a sniper needs a spotter. Am writing you guys to thank you for cracking me up, praying with & for me, advising me and giving me the courage to do the un-attemptable.

Writing this right now brings to my memory what Segun did with that fire bucket, Tobi ranking and wronging, Shina saying “I swear she liked me”; but what I don’t seem to remember is why Tiwa was ranting. The craziest of all was when Tobi and I were duped at Ibadan. Yes, Ibadan of all places only for Ikeja touts to collect Segun’s money, asked him to slap himself and run away. Epic!

Laughing at all our inside jokes, I am jolted to the reality that we are all scattered around Nigeria but I look forward to meeting up with you guys; to crack old, ever-green jokes, share experiences, check each other’s belly, talk business and also talk about our gehfrens. *Winks*

It’s been a very long time we gathered to pray together but I know we are withdrawing from the prayers deposited in our prayer bank from our under grad days. Oh love the sound of ”Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time is come” (Ps 102:13).

Would ask this rhetorical question and maybe some of those reading this would answer. Shina is to traveling out of Nigeria first, Segun is to getting his car first, who is to getting married first?

I will drop my pen with this anonymous quote, Real friends are like fart, they come off easily. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit.


Yours Truly,

The blackest and most gentle of the five


About the Writer: SammyBlaq is a lover of God and His Kingdom.



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