Letter To You, The Balling Baller


Dear Balling Baller,

Balling baller
Cross with the money.

How does it feel now? What you deeply desired has now become a reality. What was once a dream is now a routine. You can now buy everything you’ve ever wanted. You can travel and stay anywhere for as long as you like. Price tags have nothing on you. To summarize, a major problem you have is how to spend the money.

But never forget. Never forget what it took to get here.
You worked hard but so did many others.
You met the right people but so did others.
You had the awesome ideas but so did others.
You remained tenacious but so were others.
Yet not one of them has experienced 1/100000th of what you had even before you moved into this new era of wealth.

Don’t be fooled, you freely received this gift from God.
Mary wasn’t the only the Virgin in Bethlehem but yet was chosen.
This is your story.
So, don’t allow pride overshadow what God has given you.

Remember you are only a custodian of this wealth and you must use it appropriately.

It’s a responsibility, a huge one at that. If you were humble before, be humbler. If you were prudent, be more prudent. If you were faithful, be more faithful.
Remember your promise to stay away from alcohol, to remain with one woman; your wife and love her deeply no matter what.
Remember your values, the one which was instilled in you from long ago.
Remember those who’ve helped you and others who didn’t. No, you can never repay them but you can give them a reason to help another.
Remember your relationships, especially the ones you had many years ago.
Remember your family, I don’t need to speak much about this. You know the sacrifices they’ve made for you.
Remember the Kingdom, especially that part in Acts about the early church that thrilled you.
Remember you are not better than anyone. We’re all on different paths and must seek to achieve it.

Money has a way of making you forget what you dare not which is why I’m writing this as a reminder. I dare say this is a warning! DO NOT FORGET!


To whom much is given, much is expected.

Oga you cannot splurge. Not now, not ever. Remember the last guy who tried it didn’t end well.

Most importantly, don’t forget your home. This wealth in your possession is infinitesimal in comparison to the least decorated at Home.

Your home is heaven and you must align with God to go back at a good old and ripe age

Yours faithfully,

About The Writer: Cross is passionate about writing and speaking to influence human behavior. He writes at crodamilo.wordpress.com


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