Dear Future Husband


Hey Big Head,

How are you doing?

I hope you’ve had a good day and I hope that when you open this letter, you smile, thank God and think of me.

So, down to business.

I’m trying to figure out the right word that can describe my feelings when I think about you. When I find the word, I’ll tell you.

I know I’m excited but I know I’m also confident. This confidence is because when I think of you, my heart swells in delight of the gift made for me.

God’s gift to me.

I don’t have much to ask but this is my desire,

Let’s serve God together.

Let’s live in His love and light together.

Amour et Lumière Toujours!

Babe, I want you to love God fearlessly, love Him recklessly, love Him more than you love me because only then would you love me like my Father in Heaven has always loved me.

You can’t come close to God’s love for me.

I can’t come close to God’s love for you.

But as long as we’re radiating God’s love.

The Home we’ll build would be right.

It would be perfect.

It’ll be God’s.

Ah yes, that word that describes what I feel? Blessed.

Boy, I can’t wait to meet you.

And I’m tired of writing letters

It don do.

Come and carry your wife.



Now and Forever

Tomi Adesina


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About The Writer: Tomi Adesina was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a fiction blogger and screenwriter.  Tomi is a microbiology graduate from Bowen University and she holds a Master in Environmental Biology from the University of Lagos. In 2013 she won the Nigerian Blog Awards for her blog fiction series and in 2015 her screenplay on cyberbullying (Feisty John) won the Homevida Prize. She also won the Nigerian Writers Award for Best Young Writer in 2015 and her short stories have been featured in magazines across Africa. She wrote the screenplay for the critically acclaimed movie, Hakkunde.

Her first published work, George’s Pieces of Me was released in August 2017. It’s a collection of poetry and prose.

Her blog fiction series can be found on her blog at

Twitter: @tomi_adesina

Instagram: @tomiadesina




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