Let’s Play Pretend – A Love Story!



I did not need to ask google for helpful tips about what conversations I’d have with you on our first date (Remember I told you I met with so many boring and brutish men all in the name of dates). You were just so perfect. God had given you to me as my trophy-gift of a friend. You were the definition of classical epic. Simple and yet classy. How would a girl not fall for that? I did have my version and definition of perfection but you waltzed into my life and changed what philosophy of perfection I clung to: Tall, dark and handsome! I was left with a fine gentleman that had tall, beautiful and scary dreams in his lanky not so tall frame. Neither dark nor fair but toned enough to be tagged ‘oyibo’. Continue reading


This too, shall pass Away!


*Pamela on her wedding day*

AS the new risk figures emerged – on World Cancer Day – a Scots mum told how the support of her loved ones helped her beat the disease.

Pamela Souttar, now 33, was told at 30 that she had breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and chemotherapy, then a double mastectomy to stop it coming back. Continue reading