On Moving On!

Moving on

It was supposed to be easy. After all, it was always easy. But it is not the case right now.

What have you done to me? Why I’m I the one dragging my feet in the emotional ocean that ‘Love’ has cascaded over my soul?

I was the best at walking away and leaving them hanging. How did I get undone? The chess champion has been doused. It was all in the name of Love – Now blindsided, no more playing seven moves ahead. Continue reading


Let’s Play Pretend – A Love Story!



I did not need to ask google for helpful tips about what conversations I’d have with you on our first date (Remember I told you I met with so many boring and brutish men all in the name of dates). You were just so perfect. God had given you to me as my trophy-gift of a friend. You were the definition of classical epic. Simple and yet classy. How would a girl not fall for that? I did have my version and definition of perfection but you waltzed into my life and changed what philosophy of perfection I clung to: Tall, dark and handsome! I was left with a fine gentleman that had tall, beautiful and scary dreams in his lanky not so tall frame. Neither dark nor fair but toned enough to be tagged ‘oyibo’. Continue reading

Reality Check!



Knock! Knock! Anybody home?…Okay people, I can see the plenty cobweb. I am cleaning up already! I’m almost back! Sorry for the very long break and thank you for still checking up on me. Here’s a short story for you guys! Happy reading!


“Just say you love me. Look me in the eyes and tell me that we are it. We are the definition of love. We are what people out there crave for.” He said in his breezy-waspy voice, more like an urgent need to blot out or douse his unbelief. His eyes ever blue, glowing in its socket, literally begging me to co-pilot his fantasy of what he termed as ‘love’.

“Babe, God does not even know what I would do if I accept to commit ‘my whole’ into this relation-ship with you and you let me hang out dry. This is a fantasy we both ought to enjoy and let go when the time is right which I think is right now. committing to anything now will mean setting ourselves up for heart-break and it’s not healthy for us. We can still be friends; hold hands and  blow kisses but this… errmm…it will kill us.” I said holding his hands and avoiding his gaze as I unconsciously wished we could have it all anyways. His eyes would not leave my face as two tear drops sipped through them. It was killing me from my insides. It was like the cancer that killed my mum (I read a journal that said it’s like a weevil that eats a seed from the inside out). I really don’t know how to explain it but it was more or less me screaming loudly in my head but all I heard was silence on the outside. I knew we were jinxed right from the start.

“I love you”. He said. “I am ready to give up all just for you. I don’t care what people say or think. I …”. I put a finger on his lips to hush him. I had heard all of those before but it still doesn’t change the fact that he is married to a beautiful and talented woman with whom he shares two lovely kids with. “I don’t want to break up your family. I don’t want to be responsible for their pain and tears. Please try and understand…I love you but…” He kisses me suddenly and OMG! This has always been the dearth of me. How can I say no? He messes with my head each time he does this.

“Stop!” It took all of my resolve to push him away. I had to end this madness now.

“Babe, it’s over. Please go home to your family. They need you more than you need me. Let’s stop behaving like kids playing hid and seek. It is a stupid game we may all end up regretting.” I said as I looked him in the eye for the first time as I took two steps back. The tears flowed freely from our eyes as we had silently reached the much needed consensus ad-idem.

I turned around and walked towards my car, bidding my smoky dreams and his fantasy ship au revoir as it sailed off.

The walls had finally been broken and I was once again back to reality’s home page.

The GOD Chit-Chat


Me: Hey God! What’s Up!

GOD: Hmmm…see this mortal asking me what’s Up!

Me: Ha! Dad leave that thing O! Is this not how we always talk.
After all you said I should be free in your presence.

God: See you going all jittery because I called you mere mortal as if that’s not what you are.
I’m always good you should know that.
All I do here is watch out for you.

Me: You got me there you know.
And yes I know I am a mere mortal but when you begin to flex your muscle calling me ‘mere mortal’ it’s like I did something wrong.
And you can like to punish someone for doing wrong.

GOD: You really do not know me well. I punish people that sin because I can’t stand it but Jesus always comes to me on their behalf so mostimes I just have mercy on them.
It’s my nature to be merciful. It’s part of my bio.
Infact if I want to punish you for all your sins ehn, you will be dead and gone.
You would have been lodging six feet below.

Me:God Forbid!

God: Ehen, you see now how faithful and merciful I am.

Me: Yes O!
You too much. Thank you.

God: You are welcome.

Me: These people will not stop making noise about the importance of being grateful for 1st this and 1st that.

God: Which people?

Me: Is it not these church people? “It’s a season of first…Thank God for the grace and privilege of firsts…”, that’s what they have been saying from the first day of this year.
They are just being a nuisance.
Can you just imagine that.

God: *shaking his head and rolling his eyes*
I can not imagine anything. You men will not cease to amaze me. Just listen to you.
Church people abi?
What are you?
So you are tired of thanking me, because of what?
Ehennn, as in how?

Me: It’s not like that…

God: Will you shut up there. Do you know how many people had plans for this year and yet died without seeing the new year.
So thanking me is now stress to you abi.
Okay! Let me hold back this my free fresh air.

Me: *Prostrating and shouting with all my might*
Argghhhh! Baba God! Please Oh!
You want me to die or is it that you want to kill me?
Please Oh! I will thank you. In fact, with my hands and legs up I thank you. I Repent!

God: Good! Better!
Continue at it till you breathe your last. Always be Thankful!

Me: Wow! That was close.
*Always have an Attitude of Gratitude!
*Always be Thankful!

The Shift

Hello people, we made It to 2015! Congratulations!
So I decided to gift you with a flash fiction.
Take a read and leave a comment.


The car horns outside signifying his arrival, she wonders why he won’t wait inside for her. The dinner reservation was for 11:00 pm and this was just 09:45 pm. She needed to take her time to look good. Tonight might be the big night, the one she has been praying and hoping for. It’s been six months already. How time flies. It has been a roller coaster and exhilarating months.
He was the perfect catch, the every woman’s dream come true. A perfect gentleman. Oh! How lucky she is that he chose her of all the lot. Men like him are rare to find.
He waits in the car.
She takes her time to dab some make up on her beautiful smooth face. Her sequinned blue short Gucci gown clings to her body showing off her curves. She knew how not to over do it. Tonight is her night. Seating before the golden ornate mirror in her bed room she viewed what she had done and with a satisfied smile got up and walked with gait to her one hundred pairs of shoe room, looked around confused on what to wear, she spots the $809 bordeaux coloured suede leather pump Gucci shoe that was delivered to her yesterday. A perfect choice.
The car horn goes off again. She looks at her diamond encrusted Michael Kors wristwatch, sighs, it’s just 10:25 pm. There is no need to hurry. The restaurant is just a 15 minutes drive; she still had time, he should wait.

10:35 pm

He honks on the horn again. She steps out of the house walking majestically towards the car. He steps out to open the passenger door as he breathes in her exquisite beauty. Her fragrance was intoxicating.
She was the reincarnation of Mona Lisa.
He was lucky to have her by his side. All traces of anger at her for making him wait for so long melts away.

10:54 pm.

The Bentley comes to a stop as he steps out to get her door.
Seated at her favourite restaurant they relieved the memories of the last six months as they drank the complimentary champagne offered them by the restaurant. He ordered his favourite Italian pasta with meat rolls while she settled for sushi,  she would eat it anytime anywhere so long as they have on their menu. The dessert arrived not too soon after.
He fed her some spoons of the chocolate ice-cream. It was her best flavour, her aphrodisiac.
They were lost in their own small world, losing track of time.
“What is he waiting for” she thought to herself as he held her eyes in his and put his hands on her hand. “Honey, you know we’ve gone full circle already.” He said maintaining the eye contact. She did not understand him but she nodded her head anyways looking intently into his eyes.
“Oh my God! This is it. My heart is beating so fast. What a beautiful way to end the year. 31st of December will always be a day to remember.” she thought as a smile spread across her angelic face. “You know I love you right?” He asked. She didn’t know why she was speechless,  maybe the excitement was really getting to her so she again nodded her head, maintaining the smile on her face.
“I want you to know that I will never hurt you intentionally; you are my best friend, I honestly don’t know how I would have survived without you for this last awesome six months of my life”. She blushed. He paused.
“The thing is I’m going back to London. I can’t leave my wife for you.” He said calmly still holding her hand and looking into her eyes.
The smile disappeared, her eyes fluttered, her body tensed. The shock overwhelmed her as she tried to make sense of what she just heard. He was kidding right? Wife? He had promised to divorce her, said he had started the divorce proceedings.
No! This can not be happening to her. This was supposed to be the night he proposed to her.
His eyes told her otherwise.
Fire works rent the air afar off with people shouting and congratulating each other as they ushered in a new year.

The End

P:S You can’t have what is not Yours!

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