#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe- God Always Has a Plan



As a firm believer in the God of the Christian faith, I have made my way through my journey in life always with the assurance that I am never alone and that one way or the other, all things will always work out for my good. It is one of the most reassuring feelings honestly, having faith in Someone you cannot see but whose essence is captured quite easily in a lot of the things you see around you. That is not to say that there will not be moments of doubt. I have just learned over time to feed my faith and starve my doubts.

2017 is only halfway through yet I believe I already have my biggest lesson for the year. Continue reading


#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – There will be Storms…


Life has taught me that people can turn against you so easily. Even those with the best intentions. Even those you least expect. This is one lesson that gets me scared. I remember instances where this lesson has been forcefully crushed into my brain and sometimes I am numb. I have learnt that best friends might become sworn enemies. People you trust can betray you in a split second. And so I am naturally wary when it comes to making new friends or keeping friends. Because I figure, they might leave eventually. Don’t get me wrong- I am not bitter. People who know me would tell you that. But now I understand that people can just up and leave. It happens. This has helped me stay strong when that happens or when I have been hurt by people. Continue reading

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe: Society Can’t Be Pleased


Growing up I was a plump child; of course, that’s not what the other kids would call it. This was caused by my love for food and not knowing the effect that too much of it can have. Insecurities began to mount but not as much as when I entered secondary school. I didn’t worry as much because my mother assured me that my chubbiness was mere baby fat and would wear off in my teenage days. Continue reading