The GOD Chit-Chat


Me: Hey God! What’s Up!

GOD: Hmmm…see this mortal asking me what’s Up!

Me: Ha! Dad leave that thing O! Is this not how we always talk.
After all you said I should be free in your presence.

God: See you going all jittery because I called you mere mortal as if that’s not what you are.
I’m always good you should know that.
All I do here is watch out for you.

Me: You got me there you know.
And yes I know I am a mere mortal but when you begin to flex your muscle calling me ‘mere mortal’ it’s like I did something wrong.
And you can like to punish someone for doing wrong.

GOD: You really do not know me well. I punish people that sin because I can’t stand it but Jesus always comes to me on their behalf so mostimes I just have mercy on them.
It’s my nature to be merciful. It’s part of my bio.
Infact if I want to punish you for all your sins ehn, you will be dead and gone.
You would have been lodging six feet below.

Me:God Forbid!

God: Ehen, you see now how faithful and merciful I am.

Me: Yes O!
You too much. Thank you.

God: You are welcome.

Me: These people will not stop making noise about the importance of being grateful for 1st this and 1st that.

God: Which people?

Me: Is it not these church people? “It’s a season of first…Thank God for the grace and privilege of firsts…”, that’s what they have been saying from the first day of this year.
They are just being a nuisance.
Can you just imagine that.

God: *shaking his head and rolling his eyes*
I can not imagine anything. You men will not cease to amaze me. Just listen to you.
Church people abi?
What are you?
So you are tired of thanking me, because of what?
Ehennn, as in how?

Me: It’s not like that…

God: Will you shut up there. Do you know how many people had plans for this year and yet died without seeing the new year.
So thanking me is now stress to you abi.
Okay! Let me hold back this my free fresh air.

Me: *Prostrating and shouting with all my might*
Argghhhh! Baba God! Please Oh!
You want me to die or is it that you want to kill me?
Please Oh! I will thank you. In fact, with my hands and legs up I thank you. I Repent!

God: Good! Better!
Continue at it till you breathe your last. Always be Thankful!

Me: Wow! That was close.
*Always have an Attitude of Gratitude!
*Always be Thankful!