Letter to My Unborn Daughter

unborn daugther

Dear Daughter,

I wonder what you will look like…

Will you inherit your grandma’s long hair?

Will you smile with your eyes like I do?

Will you be musically inclined like your grandad or will you play sports like your great-grandad?

I’m chuckling at the thought of you being short like me. Either way, you’ll always be perfect in my eyes – fearfully and wonderfully designed by the most exquisite Creator.

I don’t even know what your name will be yet, but one thing is certain; I will love you with all my heart.

You should know by now that though there is a lot of good in the earth, there is also evil. Continue reading


Letter to the past: (Date: 3rd May 1661)


Recipient: Isaac Newton

Dear Isaac,

Good day, you do not know me but I do from reading about you and learning your complicated theories in school. I am writing to you from the future, precisely the year 2017. You do not know this yet but you would be a key figure in the scientific revolution. You would postulate a lot of theories that we had to learn which would also be the basis of great scientific and engineering feats. About 200 years from the date you get this letter another Genius will begin to question the sufficiency of Newtonian mechanics his name is Albert Einstein. I also intend to write a similar letter to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who would develop integral and differential calculus independently that would make major contributions to physics and technology. At least Gottfried had the conscience to also work on mechanical calculators to help average minds like mine deal with the calculus you came up with. Continue reading