Letter to Fear, Anxiety and Worry


Dear Fear – Anxiety and Worry,

It’s been a long time coming and I hope this meets you well.

I’ve borne you for far too long and it’s not good for my health in any way, this part I know that you know because you always come by just to mock me. It so happens to be your favourite past time – the voice in my head mocking me!

In all of my days past, you have painted me the lie in a beautiful big portrait of how I’m no good and how I’ll amount to nothing, of how I’ll be blown away by the wind and forgotten like the falling star – no one ever cares if it was feasting with the galaxy kings before its fall; in the end it’s only a shimmering flash of light seen streaking across the sky. Continue reading


August Series: #LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe



I’m organizing a series for the month of August which is slated to run through the 5th of August to the 3rd of September 2017.

The title is #LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe

The big idea: For writers (you) to write based on the life experiences and belief system that has shaped the outcome of their everyday life. It will be based on lessons they have gleaned from life. I believe that in doing this, in sharing our lessons with the world, others can learn from our stories or find inspiration to take stock of their own lessons.

What can you write about?  Anything.

It can be something you are passionate about or something you regret…

It can be good or bad or funny or ugly

Anything at all

Here are some sample topics below:

#LessonLifeHasTaughtMe – Beauty is not vain.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Music is Life

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Marriage is not the ultimate goal in Life.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – God is real.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Technology is the new high.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Garri and Beans is overrated.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – To be stupid is not stupid.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Family is everything.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Suicide is the easy way out.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Failure does not define me.

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Integrity is King

#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – Hard work is relative.


This list is non-exhaustive so you can choose anything you want to write about.

So, Dive in and start sharing what #LessonsLifeHasTaught – You!.

I will deeply appreciate if you could be a part of this.

If yes, please mail me at ekpenyongcaleb@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Deadline for submission is 3rd of August, 2017. After which one article per day will be published for #30 days.

Also kindly attach a short bio which will be used alongside your write-up.

It would mean a lot if you could also help promote this project in whatever way you deem fit.

Thank you in anticipation of your participation

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Warm regards,




Let’s Play Pretend – A Love Story!



I did not need to ask google for helpful tips about what conversations I’d have with you on our first date (Remember I told you I met with so many boring and brutish men all in the name of dates). You were just so perfect. God had given you to me as my trophy-gift of a friend. You were the definition of classical epic. Simple and yet classy. How would a girl not fall for that? I did have my version and definition of perfection but you waltzed into my life and changed what philosophy of perfection I clung to: Tall, dark and handsome! I was left with a fine gentleman that had tall, beautiful and scary dreams in his lanky not so tall frame. Neither dark nor fair but toned enough to be tagged ‘oyibo’. Continue reading