Letter To My Future Husband


Dear future husband, 

I think and dream about you a lot these days. I imagine how our lives together will be. I can’t wait to start the journey with you. I can’t wait for the enmeshment of our lives to begin. Continue reading


Letter to My Husband


Hey babe,

I’ve probably drafted this letter a thousand times to get to this finished version you are reading. Usual me, trying to make everything perfect.
I wonder how we met?
Did I make a quirky attempt to be cute?
Was I awkward and weird as always? Did I wait till you dove head first into the well of my love before unleashing my philosophies of the joker, Rick and Morty, the purge and the human psychology on you? Continue reading

Letter To Men For Their Sons


Dear Men,
To your sons – the ones who would look to you for guidance and after you when you’re grey.
The ones trying to fit their 12s into your size 45 shoes. The ones who would stand in front of the mirror and attempt knotting a tie.
Who pick a briefcase and pretend to go to work because daddy did it.
The ones who’d try almost anything
Because daddy did it. Continue reading

Letter To You, The Balling Baller


Dear Balling Baller,

Balling baller
Cross with the money.

How does it feel now? What you deeply desired has now become a reality. What was once a dream is now a routine. You can now buy everything you’ve ever wanted. You can travel and stay anywhere for as long as you like. Price tags have nothing on you. Continue reading

Letter To My Future Daughter


Dear future daughter,

I’m sorry that you are not here with me just yet. I had thought that by now you would be in my arms crying and smiling day and night.

Every day of my life as I wait for you to come to daddy I keep seeing you everywhere I go. Just yesterday I saw Continue reading

Letter To My Unborn Child



Hello my baby.

I am writing this letter to you on the 11th of April 2018. I was going about my day today and it crossed my mind that I have never thought about a name to give you when you finally get here.  I know the time for your arrival is closer than I think, I can feel it. The thought of you makes me so happy, I love you so much beyond words, my heart could burst. Continue reading