Rejoinder to Letter To My Ex


Dear Ex,
I trust that you are doing well. I read your letter, the one you sent me via the #30Letters series. I must say I was a bit hurt by your words and how you decided to tell our story and I respect that this is your view – how you saw it, how you felt. I’m not one to step into the fray but I’ll do this at least for my own sanity and for my fiancé – You remember Oseme, yes, that Oseme – over the weekend, she the one word I’ve always wanted to hear – Yes!
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Letter To My Ex


Dear Ex,

As I write to you, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. A sinking pain of what could have been comes to mind. I guess I should be grateful. They call it dodging a bullet but why does it feel like I get shot every single time. Why do you still feel like home.

It’s been years now but you see, the heart is a funny thing. It has its reason of which reason knows nothing, didn’t Leigh Bardugo say ‘the heart is like an arrow, which demands aim to land true’. Well, you found me and sharp were those edges. Continue reading

Letter to you, woman!



Hey beautiful,

Yes, you. Are you shocked because no one calls you beautiful without wanting something else from you? Are you surprised that I see the beauty in you that no one seems to see? Are you surprised that your beauty is worth mentioning?

You are beautiful, but not for the reason society thinks; you are beautiful because you are strong.

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#LessonsLifeHasTaughtMe – There will be Storms…


Life has taught me that people can turn against you so easily. Even those with the best intentions. Even those you least expect. This is one lesson that gets me scared. I remember instances where this lesson has been forcefully crushed into my brain and sometimes I am numb. I have learnt that best friends might become sworn enemies. People you trust can betray you in a split second. And so I am naturally wary when it comes to making new friends or keeping friends. Because I figure, they might leave eventually. Don’t get me wrong- I am not bitter. People who know me would tell you that. But now I understand that people can just up and leave. It happens. This has helped me stay strong when that happens or when I have been hurt by people. Continue reading

On Moving On!

Moving on

It was supposed to be easy. After all, it was always easy. But it is not the case right now.

What have you done to me? Why I’m I the one dragging my feet in the emotional ocean that ‘Love’ has cascaded over my soul?

I was the best at walking away and leaving them hanging. How did I get undone? The chess champion has been doused. It was all in the name of Love – Now blindsided, no more playing seven moves ahead. Continue reading

Letter to my future husband

images 001

Hey love,

Please use this time to find God because, even if it took me this long, I have finally realised that until you find God, you can’t find me in the right way.
Right way being the right methods, methods that will help me know it’s you.
You will need to do more than finding God for us to work. Loving him or at least trying to is also a necessity.
After that, please find yourself. Continue reading

Letter To My Next





Hey ‘boyfriend in five years to come ‘,

I hope you’re doing great?

Let me introduce myself: Sharon, 5’ 4″, a little fair; kinda chocolate but not exactly like these perfect brown skinned sugar coloured girls… My complexion is kinda confused. You know: not fair, not dark, just ermm…just fine. Tiny pimples and spots here and there but not scary at all, nothing to worry about plus a good powder does well to cover them up.

You see, it’s quite important you know some of these things so you’ll have a slight picture who you’re about to meet. I’m not the most beautiful girl you’ll ever see on Earth ‘cos I’m not even the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood *rolls eyes*. I mean, I knew that Continue reading