Letter To The Seeker


I do not consider myself to be a compelling or poetic writer. I do write often but I rarely share – partly because I’m not excellent at writing and partly because most of the things I write, I consider not to be for public consumption but as I listened to my friend teach about the efficacy of a personal story in sharing salvation with others, I decided to share this with as many as would care to read it.

“Salvation is not a secret to be kept” – so I’m going public with it!

My journey with God has been turbulent. I have always known God, but a mental assent of Him because I attended church on Sundays, did not equate to having a personal relationship with Him. As I have grown in my relationship with God, I have come to the realization that we are constantly experiencing God in multiple ways and forms, even when we are oblivious to it. Continue reading


Letter To Sin


Dear Sin,

It’s been a while since we last spoke;

Been a while since I could give you a piece of my mind. I was always so timid, so shy, so afraid of what the outcome might be during our conversations; but no more. So here is a piece of my mind:

For so long you held me down, you held me captive, caged, bound, afflicted, distraught, condemned. I felt lost in this world, alone, a shadow of myself unable to turn to anyone for help while you sink your teeth into me and your clutches grasp my neck for blood. Continue reading

Letter to my Crush


Before you get me crushed beyond words, crushing my feelings beyond repair and ensuring I never crush again, perhaps I need remind you of how crushing on you makes me feel and the overpowering effect your crush now has over my gentle heart.

Join me as I go into detail, one that provides you with unguided access into the deepest of my emotions and the core of my being because trust me, this is as vulnerable as it gets. Continue reading

Letter to Fear, Anxiety and Worry


Dear Fear – Anxiety and Worry,

It’s been a long time coming and I hope this meets you well.

I’ve borne you for far too long and it’s not good for my health in any way, this part I know that you know because you always come by just to mock me. It so happens to be your favourite past time – the voice in my head mocking me!

In all of my days past, you have painted me the lie in a beautiful big portrait of how I’m no good and how I’ll amount to nothing, of how I’ll be blown away by the wind and forgotten like the falling star – no one ever cares if it was feasting with the galaxy kings before its fall; in the end it’s only a shimmering flash of light seen streaking across the sky. Continue reading

Letter to My Unborn Daughter

unborn daugther

Dear Daughter,

I wonder what you will look like…

Will you inherit your grandma’s long hair?

Will you smile with your eyes like I do?

Will you be musically inclined like your grandad or will you play sports like your great-grandad?

I’m chuckling at the thought of you being short like me. Either way, you’ll always be perfect in my eyes – fearfully and wonderfully designed by the most exquisite Creator.

I don’t even know what your name will be yet, but one thing is certain; I will love you with all my heart.

You should know by now that though there is a lot of good in the earth, there is also evil. Continue reading

Dear Future Me


Dear Future Me,

Watch yourself!

Yeah, you better watch yourself ’cause it seems you have forgotten how far you’ve come. I’m writing this letter to you hoping you will read it and receive sense. I know you don’t like reading lengthy texts, well that’s why I made it lengthy. If you like, use a whole week to read through, just ensure that you get to the end because I have hidden a secret therein that will set you at ease in every aspect of your current life and will cause everything to work out for you.

Is it true that you have developed pride on your inside? You are beginning to think all you have and all you are is all you. Have you forgotten how much you prayed for all Continue reading

Letter To My Unborn Children


unborn children

P.S I decided to publish two letters today because I couldn’t put up yesterday’s letter due to some network issues! Have fun reading! Cheers!

Hello Babies,

I am sure you are good. It is your mummy only that I do not know you and you are yet to know me. Sweet, I am planning on having all six of you and I hope it will come to pass. I cannot wait to hold you in my arm and her you call me Mom.

I can envision your smile. Hmmm….so sweet. I am also wondering who you would look like, me or your Dad. For the boys please look like your Dad and the girls, of course, Mom has the best look ever so please feel free to be a reflection of me. Now to your Dad, I do Continue reading