#30Letters II



I trust that this meets you well.

It’s the 2nd cycle of the writing series  #30Letters!!! Yay!!!

It starts on the 1st of April and runs through the #30 days in April.

What is #30Letters about?  

The idea is for ‘writers’ to write a letter addressed to a person or group of persons, organization, something or anything they are passionate about. Click here to read letters from last season.(Be warned, you may cry some and laugh some…lol)

Who qualifies as a ‘writer’?

Anyone who can string a few words together, expressing his/her thoughts about a  subject matter qualifies as a writer in this context. So, don’t be an onlooker.

It can be good, it can be bad, it can be ugly, it can be funny, anything that comes to mind. For example;

A Letter to My Next

A Letter to My Future Wife (or Wife -as the case may be)

A Letter to Women

A Letter to Men

A Letter to God

A Letter to My Kids/Children

A letter to Ngozi

A Letter to my Crush

A Letter to Rice & Beans

A Letter to Nigeria

A Letter to My Ex

A Letter to Love

The list, however; is inexhaustive, so, you are free to choose anything you want to write about. One Letter will be published a day for 30 days.

Dive in, dig deep and start writing your letter(s).

You can start sending your letters today.

The deadline for submission is the 3rd of April, 2018.

I will appreciate if you can do this. Please let me know as soon as you can. If you can, please mail me at ekpenyongcaleb@gmail.com

Kindly attach and a short bio which will be used on the blog.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.



Letter to Fear, Anxiety and Worry


Dear Fear – Anxiety and Worry,

It’s been a long time coming and I hope this meets you well.

I’ve borne you for far too long and it’s not good for my health in any way, this part I know that you know because you always come by just to mock me. It so happens to be your favourite past time – the voice in my head mocking me!

In all of my days past, you have painted me the lie in a beautiful big portrait of how I’m no good and how I’ll amount to nothing, of how I’ll be blown away by the wind and forgotten like the falling star – no one ever cares if it was feasting with the galaxy kings before its fall; in the end it’s only a shimmering flash of light seen streaking across the sky. Continue reading

Letter to Calculus


Dear Calculus,

I pick my pen from a basket of roses after so long and I trust you are doing well, if so doxology.

The impression you gave us in the beginning was that you were all we would ever need.

It was an easy Trap designed to Entrap,
Even though it constantly needed me to Recap.

At some point, it started to seem like Crap.

But Hey! For every time I was wrong; I got a Slap, Continue reading

Letter to My Unborn Daughter

unborn daugther

Dear Daughter,

I wonder what you will look like…

Will you inherit your grandma’s long hair?

Will you smile with your eyes like I do?

Will you be musically inclined like your grandad or will you play sports like your great-grandad?

I’m chuckling at the thought of you being short like me. Either way, you’ll always be perfect in my eyes – fearfully and wonderfully designed by the most exquisite Creator.

I don’t even know what your name will be yet, but one thing is certain; I will love you with all my heart.

You should know by now that though there is a lot of good in the earth, there is also evil. Continue reading

Dear Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

It’s my first time of writing you one of these letters, Kleb put me up to it.

Pardon me for striking out the word “future” as a prefix in your title, that was on purpose, as I believe the future is now.

How are you? Did you see the news lately? My entire side of the state was flooded badly and even though my head was under water, I am doing just fine. I appreciate your prayers, as I know you are out there praying for me as always so I say “thank you”.

To be honest, each day I spend on social media gives me a glimpse of the struggles you are going through as a single man, living in a metropolitan world. I know and absolutely understand how not easy it is, I can assure you I get your pain. Continue reading

Letter To Basketball

Sunset chaser

Dear Basketball,

You came into the life of a young six year old who was confused and lost. I am forever grateful for all the things we’ve been through together. I love you dear basketball.

Not many people understand this love and that’s because they don’t know the experiences you and I have gone through. All thanks to you, I lost a good amount of body fat and I’m gradually building muscle. My balance, coordination, concentration, self-discipline and will to succeed in whatever I put my mind to have been greater than before. I have improved on my endurance to the point where I believe I don’t need to carry around my inhaler 24/7. Continue reading