Letter To The Seeker


I do not consider myself to be a compelling or poetic writer. I do write often but I rarely share – partly because I’m not excellent at writing and partly because most of the things I write, I consider not to be for public consumption but as I listened to my friend teach about the efficacy of a personal story in sharing salvation with others, I decided to share this with as many as would care to read it.

“Salvation is not a secret to be kept” – so I’m going public with it!

My journey with God has been turbulent. I have always known God, but a mental assent of Him because I attended church on Sundays, did not equate to having a personal relationship with Him. As I have grown in my relationship with God, I have come to the realization that we are constantly experiencing God in multiple ways and forms, even when we are oblivious to it. Continue reading


Letter To Sin


Dear Sin,

It’s been a while since we last spoke;

Been a while since I could give you a piece of my mind. I was always so timid, so shy, so afraid of what the outcome might be during our conversations; but no more. So here is a piece of my mind:

For so long you held me down, you held me captive, caged, bound, afflicted, distraught, condemned. I felt lost in this world, alone, a shadow of myself unable to turn to anyone for help while you sink your teeth into me and your clutches grasp my neck for blood. Continue reading

Letter to my Crush


Before you get me crushed beyond words, crushing my feelings beyond repair and ensuring I never crush again, perhaps I need remind you of how crushing on you makes me feel and the overpowering effect your crush now has over my gentle heart.

Join me as I go into detail, one that provides you with unguided access into the deepest of my emotions and the core of my being because trust me, this is as vulnerable as it gets. Continue reading

To My Future Husband


Lately, I have noticed many guys writing to their future wives and some girls even writing to their future husbands. I was inspired by some of these letters and decided to write my own. This is from the bottom of my heart to whoever my future husband may be.

Dear Future Husband,

I think I’m old enough to start writing this now. First thing’s first, I want you to know how much I love you. I love you with everything within me. I love you to the moon, stars and beyond. You’re my sunshine, my moonlight, my summer, my winter, my autumn and my spring. You’re not a mistake. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. God brought you to earth for a reason and I’m pretty sure it’s an amazing one.

I don’t know if you’re dark or fair, huge or lanky, Continue reading

Letter Self


Dear Self

You’re going to be ok.

Right now it may seem like you’re lost, you can’t quite figure out the road to take; when to go and when to stop. What to carry and what to leave behind. Are you chasing shadows and made up dreams? Do you even have what it takes to achieve those dreams? Would God be proud of you in the end? Or would the sum total of your life be ‘void’, making you just another person gone never to be remembered? Will anyone even care?

Life will throw bricks at you to frustrate and intimidate you, all to validate why she underrates and hates you. She would make you question your worth to a society so fixed Continue reading

Letter To Shirtless Boys on Social Media



Dear Shirtless Boys on Social Media,


I greet you. I hope that this letter meets you well.

Now that we are done with pleasantries, we may get down to business.

You go partially nude. This letter is for you.

I think before we go on, it’d help us both if I was properly introduced. I have two brothers. I make friends with people of your gender. I know well enough. I am not struggling with emotional or sexual issues. I am also not the angry feminist.

But I do not understand the wisdom behind going shirtless to take a picture. I understand that one should show what they have. I assume some of you enjoy girls who show what they have too, but if they went totally shirtless, some of you again would have Continue reading

Letter to you, woman!



Hey beautiful,

Yes, you. Are you shocked because no one calls you beautiful without wanting something else from you? Are you surprised that I see the beauty in you that no one seems to see? Are you surprised that your beauty is worth mentioning?

You are beautiful, but not for the reason society thinks; you are beautiful because you are strong.

Strong? You ask me. Continue reading