Letter to ‘The One That Got Away’


I definitely didn’t have the power to decide who my first love would be.
God gave me you and you me.
Our lives together we made memories, memories I hold dear to my heart and would never forget.

My love for you was so deep at some point in time I actually believed you were my Kryptonite and my Achilles heel. I began to fear losing you and the fear of losing you kept me in check I must say.
I wanted to please you always, I wanted to be perfect for you. Continue reading


Letter to My Husband


Hey babe,

I’ve probably drafted this letter a thousand times to get to this finished version you are reading. Usual me, trying to make everything perfect.
I wonder how we met?
Did I make a quirky attempt to be cute?
Was I awkward and weird as always? Did I wait till you dove head first into the well of my love before unleashing my philosophies of the joker, Rick and Morty, the purge and the human psychology on you? Continue reading

Rejoinder to Letter To My Ex


Dear Ex,
I trust that you are doing well. I read your letter, the one you sent me via the #30Letters series. I must say I was a bit hurt by your words and how you decided to tell our story and I respect that this is your view – how you saw it, how you felt. I’m not one to step into the fray but I’ll do this at least for my own sanity and for my fiancé – You remember Oseme, yes, that Oseme – over the weekend, she the one word I’ve always wanted to hear – Yes!
Continue reading

Letter To My Ex


Dear Ex,

As I write to you, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. A sinking pain of what could have been comes to mind. I guess I should be grateful. They call it dodging a bullet but why does it feel like I get shot every single time. Why do you still feel like home.

It’s been years now but you see, the heart is a funny thing. It has its reason of which reason knows nothing, didn’t Leigh Bardugo say ‘the heart is like an arrow, which demands aim to land true’. Well, you found me and sharp were those edges. Continue reading

Letter To My Unborn Child



Hello my baby.

I am writing this letter to you on the 11th of April 2018. I was going about my day today and it crossed my mind that I have never thought about a name to give you when you finally get here.  I know the time for your arrival is closer than I think, I can feel it. The thought of you makes me so happy, I love you so much beyond words, my heart could burst. Continue reading

Letter to my Crush


Before you get me crushed beyond words, crushing my feelings beyond repair and ensuring I never crush again, perhaps I need remind you of how crushing on you makes me feel and the overpowering effect your crush now has over my gentle heart.

Join me as I go into detail, one that provides you with unguided access into the deepest of my emotions and the core of my being because trust me, this is as vulnerable as it gets. Continue reading

Letter to my Secret Admirer

Letter 15

To the one I Admire,


We’ve often passed each other, sometimes said awkward hi’s! Maybe even had a very short conversation, but I know you don’t know me and quite frankly you may never know me. That’s fine! this is why you’re my best-kept secret.

Maybe you are wondering why I even admire you? Continue reading